Physical Description

Race: Droid	Homeworld: 
Age: Several decades	Profession: Astromech
Height: 1.25 m	Weight: Unknown
Hair: None	Eyes: Gold Photoreceptor (1)

Personal Information
Marital Status: -
Spouse's Name: -
Children: -

Mother: -
Father: -


Military History:
Force Training: Not Applicable	Rank: -
	Status: Active
Master's Name: Not Applicable	Army: New Republic
Light or Dark: Not Applicable	Branch: Fleet-Support Ops

Psychological Description

IQ: -                Fears: Memory wipe, Ugnaughts

Special Abilities: Piloting, Navigating, Smuggling

Temperament: Even. 

Likes: Fireworks and explosions (viewing of)

Dislikes: Bogs, muck, mud, slime

Pet Peeves: Poor droid design. Specifically mobility issues

Goals in Life: Fuschia

Reputation: (Surprise) He's still around?

Favorite Color: UV	Drink: Hydraulic Fluid
Pastime: Online surfing	Food: Voltage
Hobbies: Filmmaking

Personal History:

R2-L8 was commissioned into service during the Old Republic era and exchanged hands several times through the years. Eventually given to a younger son with a desire to travel he went to space as a navigation and repair droid. His new master lacked a head for details and a mild phobia of computer systems. As such he found it easier to leave the droid be rather than mind flush regularly and have to reinstall macros and all the other junk he stored in the droid. When the droid ran out of memory he added more in and in time the droid developed quirks, and then a nascent personality. 

Man and droid survived the clone wars and made friends with some of the survivors. They kept in touch through the years and because his friends were involved he kept abreast of politics. The young pilot now in his 40s became disquieted at what he saw and joined the rebellion. Too old to become a fighter pilot now, he and R2-L8 went into the Support Division ferrying supplies, smuggling, scrounging and stealing materials wherever they could. 

Eventually the Empire caught up to them and L8's partner friend was arrested, convicted and sent to Kessel. L8 worked his way back to the rebels and with the help of their old friends launched a rescue attempt, too late.

L8 went through a period of depression and shock at the loss of his master. Gradually he pulled out of it seeing that the rebellion still needed experienced men and droids. He began to associate with pilots who had lost their own astromech and often was assigned to partner the most inexperienced. L8 went through many pilots over the course of the insurgency and survived the Second Death Star much to his surprise. 

Certain he had done his duty, and knowing his luck was due to run out he retired back to the Support Fleet. 


Phaedra Whitlock
1141 West Iles Avenue
Springfield, Il 62704