Princess Raven Palpatine


Physical Description

Race: Human
Age: 22
Homeworld: Purgatory
Profession: Governor/Sith Master
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Slender
Hair: Silver-blonde
Eyes: Dark Blue

Personal Information
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Lord Vordis
Children: Tara (miscarried), Leto, Mikhail, Mekhari (triplets, age 4)

Mother: Amanda Qualaine Connelly (deceased)
Father: Jero Connelly (deceased)

Education: Extensive. Privately tutored after initial grades.

Military History: None

Force Training: Yes	
Master's Name: Emperor Palpatine, Lords Vordis & Salvatore	
Light or Dark: Dark	

Raven's House

Psychological Description

IQ:     Very High

Fears: Daniel Tarkainien, Emperor Palpatine

Special Abilities: See Special

Temperament: Loyal when loyalty is returned. Protective of her people. Ruthless when called to be, enclosed when not.

Likes: Knowledge. Freedom. Flight. Power & Control. Inquiring minds.

Dislikes: The Imperial Way, also the Way of the Sith.

Pet Peeves: Bureaucracy. Guards. 

Goals in Life: Protect and provide for her people. Outlive Anelis Palpatine.

Reputation: (Bad) Many Jedi and the Alliance consider her sadistic, dangerous and evil.

Favorite Color: Indigo
Pastime: Medical Research
Drink: Fruit based drinks
Food: Spicy entrees
Hobbies: Toxicology, medical research

Personal History:

Official History

Raven's parents came to Purgatory as temporary contract technicians, to work at the Imperial Spaceport. When Amanda became pregnant the couple took a long term contract, and settled there to raise their children. Twins were born, two girls. 

Amanda was a Jedi Padawan who had gone underground but not completely escaped her past. One twin was taken and raised elsewhere on Purgatory adopted by the Chessyne Family, a retired Imperial couple, and named Celesta. 

Years later civil unrest made Purgatory unsafe. The Chessyne's were killed in the strife, the Imperial garrison destroyed (with all records) with rebel assistance and most of the port city surrounding it fell victim to terrorist bombings and gunfire. Celesta and many others were evacuated to safety.

Her Force ability was noted and Celesta was summoned to Imperial Center. Her twin, Samantha Connelly, had abandoned the Empire weeks earlier and Celesta stepped into her place. On 9402 the Emperor adopted her as his child (but not political heir) after her sith training began to progress and her loyalty to him was proven. Celesta took the name Raven, abandoning her Jedi heritage and all that came with it.

Raven's initial duties included assisting Lady Cassandra (the Emperor's personal physician), and as her training advanced came to include traditional royal duties. She sits upon several Boards relating to the medical field and veteran's affairs. She is also the Assistant to the Emperor's Personal Physician, Lady Cassandra Steele

She became pregnant and was married to Lord Vordis, but miscarried a daughter, Tara. 

Lord Salvatore appeared and began to reform the Third Circle of the Empire's high ranking Sith. Raven successfully passed her Sith test, and Third Circle test, and assisted the Circle often. On one such occasion the rogue Sith Lord Daniel Tarkainien's parents were killed in a failed attempt to coerce his surrender. 

Raven again became pregnant, and successfully delivered triplets, but the stresses have made further offspring unlikely. A few months after the birth, her firstborn son was kidnapped and believed killed by terrorists. Raven retreated with her remaining children to Messina where she had been appointed Governor (and for the purposes of the Senate, Senator). 

Recently Raven attended the wedding of the Emperor to Princess Azarra Vader, and was given orders to reignite the Jedi Purge. She was also given Kathryn Darkfire to train.

Miscellaneous History (Classified and Secret)

After Samantha Connelly's departure from Court, the Emperor created a clone of her, using an amalgam of his psyche and Samantha's to create a being that became Raven. False histories were created and inserted into the Imperial databases, and many who could prove or disprove certain 'facts' were eliminated. 

Spaarti cylinders were used to educate the clone in specific areas, including genetics and cloning. Raven was assigned the secret task of developing and maintaining the Emperor's supply of clone bodies. Trained intensively in the Dark Side by her 'Father' Raven soon developed instabilities and psychological problems trying to reconcile the Emperor's handiwork with the decidedly lightbased mind and memories of Samantha, but the result was also clearly dark sided, loyal, and emotionally attached to him. He adopted her.

She married Lord Vordis for political and genetic reasons, and developed deep emotions for her often absent husband. Although they agreed to an open marriage, Vordis' infidelity was second nature and eventually led to the destruction of her feelings when he began a public affair with Lady Cassandra, and threatened Raven when she dared to object privately. The affair ended in a few months and Vordis returned to his Fleet duties and regular mistress. Raven joined the Third Circle.

Lord Salvatore had been one of the pre-eminent Sith assisting Palpatine's rise early on and the original Purges, but had gone missing when chasing a Jedi Master to ground. Upon Salvatore's return, he reformed the Circle, a group of fanatically loyal Sith devoted to the Emperor and the extermination of all non-Imperial Force Users. A Sith Lord named Daniel Tarkainien chose to leave the Empire around this time and Salvatore was determined he would not. Daniel's parents were brought on board the pursuit ship, and executed in view of Daniel. Daniel escaped capture and soon thereafter began to kidnap and torture the members of the Circle individually. Raven was captured in the Palace and taken to an abandoned space station in rebel space. His prisoner for a week, she was tortured extensively and developed a healthy respect for Tarkainien. Daniel planned to use her pain and death to lure the last Circle member, Vordis, to him. Raven agreed to help him in exchange for an easier death and managed to lull Daniel slightly, enough to give her a head start when she bolted. 

Daniel hunted her through the station before realizing he could simply leave. Unfortunately Raven had had the same idea but sooner and was between him and his ship. The two fought and the viral strain of the WildCard that Raven carried activated. She was carved into bits by crystal growths from the inside and in desperation Body Jumped into a spare clone. Daniel recovered and took the crystallized remains with him. Many Sith received very unusual jewelry pieces in the next few months. 

Raven infiltrated the Alliance after her recovery and exacted revenge upon Daniel. He went into hiding with Alliance Intell to recover and the two's last communication agreed that they would not continue the vendetta. Later Daniel met his demise at the hands of another, a thing Raven regrets deeply and considers one of the Empire's greatest wastes.

The Emperor's death, poisoned, came as a shock. When Raven moved to assist him as he lay dying she was poisoned herself by Anelis' henchman Lady Belladonna lest Raven try to claim the throne, and gutted by Lord Taras. In the confusion Raven managed to heal and escape, and took refuge among merc allies. The Emperor recovered and Anelis and Raven made up in his presence. Since this incident Raven has developed immunities to a wide variety of toxins, and also a healthy paranoia regarding anything involving her sister, the Heir.

When the Galactic Senate was reinstated several loyal Sith were granted Governorships and Senatorships of Imperial worlds. Raven received the world of Messina, a lush world that has become her home away from Coruscant. 

She became pregnant again, with triplets. Not long afterward her firstborn was kidnapped and thought dead. Raven retreated to Messina with her remaining children and Samantha. Much of her time was taken up learning to govern, and also quelling the civil war that sprang up. Now that peace has been achieved Raven has begun spending more time on Coruscant and involved in the Empire. Her son was found alive and recovered. She has also found a person to begin training her sons in the Force and for a time was seeing someone. He was murdered however and his body deposited on her doorstep as a warning. Vordis remains Missing In Action.

Raven's relationship with Samantha has evolved from hatred to protectiveness, but is often rocky. Recently the two have begun speaking again after a lengthy rift but have not regained the closeness they once had.


Raven contains Sam's memories plus implanted memories, languages and knowledge. She has received training in various specialized Force Techniques, including Astral Travel, Body Transfer and Possession, and retains Samantha's innate gift for Force Tracking (a variation of Astral Navigation) but has not developed this. She has trained most strongly in her genetically weakest area, telekinesis, and also overseen research into behavior modification techniques that have led to Servitor creation. After her original home on Coruscant was destroyed, her current home was built as a fortress and subsequently difficult to take down.


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