Raych Firestorm


Player: Phaedra Whitlock

Physical Description

Race:	Human 
Homeworld: Betawan VII
Age:	20	
Profession: Officer
Height: 5' 8
Weight:	Slim
Hair:	Fire Red 
Eyes: Blue

Personal Information

Marital Status:	Single
Spouses Name:   N/A
Children:	none

Mother:	Margali Arsein-Davis
Father:	Davin Firestorm-Davis

Other Relations: Janin, Doriann, Deveron

Education: Full public education on Betawan VII. Tutored at home
on heritage by various elders. Learned piracy and smuggling skills
from the Family and her parents.

Force Training:	No
Masters Name:   N/A
Light or Dark:	N/A

Psychological Description

IQ:	Average 

Fears: Dying in a vacuum, the Empire finding out about her family.

Temperament: Cautious, reserved and professional. Efficient and

Likes:	Exploring new places, testing guns.

Dislikes: Showing weakness, shoddy equipment or planning. Being afraid.

Pet Peeves: People not doing their job and those who put others at
risk for their own gain.

Goals in Life: To serve well.

Favorite Color: Amber 
Pasttime: Piloting	
Drink: Romulan Ale
Food: Smugglers Stew
Hobbies:	Zero-G sports

Military History:
Rank:	Lieutenant JG
Status:	Active
Army:	Alliance
Branch: Security Division-lnsystem Section

Special Abilities

Laran telepathy manifested through a small blue crystal worn around
her neck. Abilities diminish with range from the crystal but can be
magnified when in a Circle of similarly trained psionicists.

Psionic rapport with her twin, Derrin.

Able to fly well, excellent shot with both hand and ship mounted weaponry

Personal History:

Raych, her parents and her sibs are all in the Davis Family of
smugglers and pirates. She traveled with her parents as a child and
later on joined them in the Family smuggling operations. Under her
parents tutelage, she became a fair pilot, able to handle almost any
craft, and an excellent shot with both hand and ship mounted

She participated in a few piracy ventures for the Family but found
she preferred smuggling and expected to continue this way for several
years. After the destruction of the First Death Star, the Davis
Family patriarch decided that the Family needed to know more about
the Alliance and that no matter who won, it would be to the Familys
advantage to have members on the winning side.

Raychs half-sister Janin volunteered to join the Alliance, and Raych
went with her to keep her out of trouble, and because a twin was
required. As all Davis twins do, Raych and her brother share a
rapport that allows them to communicate across vast distances.

As a smuggler Raych had been well aware of the Empires stranglehold
on free traders, but being in the Family, it seemed second nature to
avoid Imperial restrictions. She never thought about fighting the
Empire or getting rid of it until she joined the Alliance. The Empire
was something to be routinely avoided and it didnt occur to her to do
anything to change the situation.

She never liked the Empire, treating it as a minor danger manifesting
itself in Blastboats and planetary enforcers but after her time in
the Alliance she came to actively support the Empires destruction.

Unfortunately Janin was captured by Imperials and taken into the
Household where Raych could not reach her. The Alliance refused to
allow Raych anywhere near Coruscant or Darana. Darana, her aunt by
marriage now, and Janin assured her that Janin chose to stay
willingly but she isn't so sure.

With the departure of the Family Raych's future is seemingly with the
Alliance and she's devoted herself to it without forgetting her