Kathryn Retroy Darkfire


Player: Katy Cargill
Address: 114 Villanova
         Forney, TX 75126

Physical Description
Race:   50% corellian, 25% human, 25% valassian..
Homeworld: unknown, was found on tattooine at age 6
Age:  15
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118
Hair: silverish blonde
Eyes: blue

Personal Information
Marital Status:  single
Spouse's Name: 

Mother: deceased
Father: deceased

Education: Only what she has read in the history books she could get ahold of 
and listening to the traders in bars and such.

Force Training: [Yes/No] yes
Master's Name: Raven Palpatine
Light or Dark: Dark

Psychological Description

Temperament:  Her temper changes with each day, changing to her moods. But 
other wise she can be annoying when wanting to be, or being serious at others.
Likes: Annoying people for fun
Dislikes: losing bets when she makes them
Pet Peeves: 
Goals in Life: to become what is expected of her.

Favorite Color: black
Drink: water
Pasttimes: reading books
Food: fruits of any kind
Hobbies: collecting books

Military History

Special Abilities: Telekiness, telepathy

Personal History: 
    At age six she was orphaned on the planet of Tattooine. Surviving as a 
theif and just being a little innocent girl, people showed pity giving money. 
She also gambled a lot during her years. Winning most, losing very few. But a 
few years later she was found by a Jedi master, who took her as a padawan 
learner. She hadn't even been trained much before the two were sent on a 
mission to port lansing. Retroy was captured many times there, and she had to 
watch her master die. 
    When she requested help from the jedi, she was pushed away, in fear that 
they would be killed, so they let her be served as lost. She became angered 
at this, she dropped her jedi ways to join the empire. There she stayed for a 
while with no master. Until she requested to be placed with a master to be 
    She was placed with  Raven Palpatine.

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