Name: Ricia Targan Player: Pat Grant

Physical Description

Race: human Homeworld: unknown

Age: 48 Profession: Jedi Knight

Height: 5'4" Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status: single

Spouse's name:


Mother: unknown

Father: unknown




Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: Luke Skywalker Rank: Governor LTSG None

*Previous Sith training by Lady Tianna Status: AWOL inactive N/A

Vader and Lord Darth Vader Army: Imperial Renegades none

Branch: Navy/all spec. forces none

Light or Dark: Light

Psychological Description

IQ: Above average intelligence

Fears: Ricia has conquered most of her fears, but the one remaining is the Emperor - that his power will grow and he will conquer all and that he will succeed in turning her dark side forever.

Special Abilities: highly trained in interrogation and torture techniques, and planetary occupation, but no longer uses these skills. Is now skilled in the use of the Force.

Temperament: Ricia long ago learned to control her temper and anger. She is for the most part quiet yet eager to help when needed

Likes: The Jedi life, peace, being accepted

Dislikes: disorder, disruption, chaos

Pet Peeves: None known mental skill

Goals in Life: To see the Jedi Order


Favorite Color: Green Drink: Corellian Sunrise

Pastime: Meditation Food: Salads

Hobbies: Games of logic and mental skill



Personal History:

Ricia was taken to the Jedi Temple as a baby to be raised and trained in the Jedi ways. She studied there until the fall of the Jedi and the destruction of the temple which was when she was still very young. She was on an outing along with six other young students when the temple was destroyed. They were captured by bounty hunters and taken to the Sith, who decided rather than kill this group, they would use them in an experiment. Ricia has no idea where the other six are now as she never saw them again.

She was put through massive brain washing, and the Sith placed many mental blocks and false memories in her mind. She forgot her past completely and became Imperial. She grew up in an Imperial orphanage and went on to the Imperial Academy where she graduated with honors at an early age. She entered military service and rose quickly through the ranks. Her specialty was interrogation so she was stationed in many newly acquired territories to deal with the locals and in gaining full control. Her methods led to gaining information which wiped out numerous underground movements. She was soon promoted to being in charge of various planetary take-overs. The deaths of thousands came not at her hands, but at her command. She also dealt with the interrogation and execution of a group of Corellians who were aiding a resistance group on one planet. These Corellians were blood relatives of Han Solo. Ricia has since then sworn a blood oath to Han Solo in atonement for this.

She rose through the ranks eventually making the rank of Admiral, and then being awarded the position of Governor.

Then an ambitious Sith Lord, Lady Tianna Vader, decided that there were more than enough Imperial military personnel and that while there were some Sith around, there could never be too many, as the threat of the Jedi was growing as well. She decided it was time to break one of Ricia's mental blocks and allow her to realize she was Force sensitive. Tianna then taught Ricia in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. Ricia felt betrayed when Tianna later left the Empire and formed the Renegades. Wanting to know her true past, Ricia went AWOL and followed a lead to a Rebel base, with the pretense of being a defector. When she decided to leave the rebel base and attempt a return to the Empire, she was captured by Dirk Harkonnen who stranded her on a primitive backwater planet, and put the knowledge of her location up for sale to the highest bidder. Verity Molatov, owner of the cantina at Port Lansing at the time, had a grudge against Ricia, so bought her and then had her brought to Port Lansing. She put an explosive collar around Ricia's neck to prevent her from leaving the cantina, and put her to work in the cantina. The Imperials discovered her location, arrested her, removed the collar and took her before the Emperor. Ricia was able to convince him she was still loyal to him and only went to the rebel base for personal reasons, that her "defection" was a ruse. Palpatine tested her loyalty through a Force check of her mind, where he found all his programming and mental blocks still in place. Ricia was brought back into the fold and made apprentice to Darth Vader. But within 24 standard hours, war broke out on the station. A Jedi prisoner, Lothar, used the Force to control Ricia and make her help him escape. He took her prisoner, and he and Dral Warthen turned Ricia over to the Rebels. She was thrown in their brig, placed in a Force damped cell, and then lost in the system. Warthen was later taken prisoner and no one of importance was notified of Ricia's being a prisoner. A year later it was discovered that prisoner #68758 was actually Ricia Targan, and this was brought to the attention of Luke Skywalker and Patrick Hawkwood. The length of her Force-damped imprisonment was deemed "cruel and unusual" by Skywalker and Kirienne Solo, and Ricia was released and given a small ship in which to leave.

Between the state of her mind at the time of her capture and her being cut off from the Force for a year, Ricia went insane. No one realized this before her release. Knowing she could not return to the Empire, Ricia went looking for Tianna and the Renegades. However, on the way she became obsessed with her growing desire for revenge and tried to capture Patrick Hawkwood with the intention of torturing him to death. He got away, and instead, Ricia was captured again.

This time the Alliance put her on trial, found her guilty, and sentenced her to death. She escaped and finally found Tianna who agreed to let her join the Renegades. It wasn't long before Tianna realized Ricia's insanity was out of control. After an attempt on Avon's life by Ricia (the final attempt in a long line of attempts to kill Avon) Tianna took the time to cure her. This entailed barging into Ricia's mind, blasting all the mental blocks she could find into non-existance and stripping away all the Sith Force programming from her childhood. This was excruciating for Ricia, but she pulled through and found herself shifting to the Light Side. It also left Ricia with some now painful memories and a newly found conscience - something which previously had a Sith block against it.

Later, Tianna set up a deal with Darth Vader and began working with him. Ricia could not accept any allegiance with him, so decided to leave. The day after she left Tianna disappeared and Ricia did not discover this until much later. She adopted a disguise and false identity, then began going to worlds where she had, as an Imperial, caused much death and devastation. In disguise she volunteered to help these worlds in their attempts at rebuilding.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker, having sensed the change in Ricia through the Force, went looking for her. He found her on one world helping to dig up a mass burial grave (originally made on her own orders), separate the corpses, and begin making identification for reburial into individual graves. Luke contacted her, and talked her into leaving and joining him as a Jedi student. At first she was hesitant, only because she worried about how her being a student of his might reflect upon him in the eyes of others. She didn't want to bring him trouble. But he talked her into it. She studied with Luke for several years, staying at the new Jedi academy on Yavin.

During this time, Ricia began receiving visions from the Force of times and traditions past, and believed the time was right to rebuild the Jedi Order. She adopted the tradition of the Padawan braid, and spoke to Luke every day of the various visions she was having.

Eventually, she came to realize that the visions were simply old memories being awakened by the Force, and with a

smile she recalled a lesson in using light sabers taught by none other than Yoda, when she was a very small child. She realized that she had been in the temple as a student. She had been meant to be a Jedi all along.
When Nik-Vie showed up, she was sure this was a sign that the time was right to rebuild and for old traditions to return. However Nik-Vie turned out to be a source of frustration to Ricia as he didn't seem to understand her intentions and would not work with her. When Luke first approached Ricia about taking her trials, she told him she didn't feel ready, that she didn't feel focused and did feel obsessed with what she was afraid was becoming her own agenda. Nik-Vie had put doubts in her head, and she wanted to be sure that her motives were pure. So she went through an additional couple of years of training.

In Port Lansing (2002) Ricia was finally knighted. Not long after being knighted, she was given her first Padawan, Ebon Chavall, one of Nik-Vie's students who had decided to accept training from the Jedi Council.

In correlation to the movies, Ricia was not born yet during Phantom Menace. She was a child at the Temple during Attack of the Clones; prior to A New Hope, she had been working her way up the ranks in the Imperial Forces and had made Commander by the beginning of the movie's timeline. Her specialty was interrogations and she was responsible for many techniques used by the Empire still today. A textbook she wrote on interrogation and torture techniques is still used at the Academy, for advanced students. She was nowhere near Alderaan, Tatooine, or any of the goings on in the movie. During TESB, Ricia was in the clean-up of Hoth. There were some prisoners taken and Ricia was in charge of them. Verity Molatov (mentioned above) had a son who was one of the prisoners and he died. Ricia's work here established a permanent Imperial prison for Alliance prisoners of war. They felt Holt would be the perfect place for an "escape-proof" prison. During ROTJ, Ricia was on the other end of the Galaxy - rank of Admiral.

One other point of interest that should be mentioned; on one of the planets she was stationed, Ricia was responsible for extracting information from some Corellian prisoners. She got the information, and all of the prisoners died horribly. They were all blood relatives of Han Solo. Then, at Port Lansing one year she extracted information from the mind of Han Solo himself, using the Force to do so. It was very painful to Han, and required several Force healers to heal him. Because of this, when Ricia turned light side, she went to Han Solo. She told him she could never beg his forgiveness because she didn't feel she deserved it. Therefore she instead bound herself to him in a Corellian life debt ceremony. Han accepted this from her. She feels she is bound to him as a protector, for the rest of her life.

Most recently, Ricia was captured by the Emperor who put her in the hands of Lilith with the intentions of turning Ricia back to the Dark side. After over a month of mind torture and brainwashing techniques, Lilith came very close to succeeding. Ricia was saved by the intervention of the appearance of Yoda, who brought her back to reason. By the time she was brought before the Emperor, she was ready to fight back again, knowing she would die but realizing that would be better than succumbing to the Dark side again. In his anger, the Emperor knocked her unconscious and decided that if Ricia was so intent on being Jedi, that he would send her back to them. She could have her precious Jedi. He placed her in a small shuttle and placed a small crew of mind controlled humans on the ship with orders to crash the ship into the planet, preferably into the Temple itself so as to make it possible for Ricia to take as many of her friends with her as possible. An Imperial plant on Yavin was given orders to take down the planets shields at just the right moment. The shuttle missed the Temple but crashed nearby with debris from the crash causing damage and injuries. Before the crash, though, Ricia had wakened, taken in the situation, used the Force to release her bonds, and tried to stop the ship. She found this impossible and found the crew completely unresponsive to her. With much grief she sent a telepathic message to the planet to try to give them some warning, then found her way to an escape pod. She got out, but was still too close to the planet. The escape pod also crashed. In the last second, Ricia withdrew into herself, throwing up Force shields at the same time, but was knocked unconscious in the crash, suffering severe physical injuries, and slipping into a coma as she was being rescued.

She is still in the coma, finding herself in a battle between the light side and the dark side to win her over. In her mind she is fighting herself, a Jedi Ricia vs. a Sith Ricia. Ebon is the first to become aware of her conflict and enlists others to help, realizing that if they don't bring her out of this soon, she will die. By the time this bio goes to print, the roleplay for this will be done and Ricia will have reawakened, a stronger Jedi than before, and will have rejoined the Jedi Council.

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