Rizen Haska


Player: Ky Moffet

Physical Description

Race: human
Homeworld: no record

Age: 54
career officer, Imperial Navy

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175

Hair: blond
Eyes: green


Personal Information

Marital Status: single

Spouse's name: n/a

Children: none

Mother: no record

Father: no record

Education: Attended Imperial school systems; entered Imperial Naval Academy at age 17; no specialties; was continually reassigned, consequently studied a bit of everything.



Military History:

Rank:Lieutenant (See Personal history)

Status: Active

Army: Imperial Navy

Branch: Fleet (General Services)

Force Training:

Master's Name: n/a

Light or Dark: dark


Psychological Description

IQ: high Fears: nothing much

Special Abilities: Minor, untrained, mostly reflective Force-ability; e.g. if you read his mind, it lets him see into yours (on a small scale); if you assault him using the Force, it's liable to rebound on you without affecting Rizen at all. Good with blaster and knife; dirty hand-to-hand fighter (more interested in winning efficiently than in fairness). Good steady pilot (qualified on various craft up through midsize military ships; however he is not a fighter pilot). Totally unmemorable, generic-looking; often goes unnoticed.

Temperament: Easy-going, gets along with everyone, responsible, self-motivated.

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

Pet Peeves: Brass who insist on doing things by the book

Goals in Life: ???

Favorite Color: ??? Drink: ???

Pastime: ??? Food: ???

Hobbies: tracking histories of individual private spaceyachts produced by Spitfire Corp. (whose shipyards were completely destroyed during the Clone Wars)


Personal History:

One of many foundlings from the Clone Wars, Rizen was raised in an orphanage on Nysh IV, entering the Academy as soon as he came of age; after graduation as a commissioned officer, he held a variety of postings. Rose rapidly in rank but has twice been busted down to Lieutenant and expects no future promotions. (When he sees something that needs doing, he doesn't wait for orders, hence is regarded as lacking respect for the chain of command; prone to take "Permission to speak frankly" too literally, hence has a repute for backtalk.) Eventually he was shunted into a dead-end position as military aide to a minor diplomatic functionary.

Rizen was in transit aboard the Imperial destroyer Maledict (captained by Commander Kajain) when it was sent to recapture Vellurn Station from the Rebels. When Maledict fired on Vellurn Station, much to Kajain's dismay the station was discovered to be under the control of the notorious psychotic Sith, Rikonis Vader-Rividh. Lord Rividh, who was clearly in a foul humour and drunk to boot, demanded immediate transport to Nysh IV.

Everyone else aboard Maledict suddenly found other pressing business, so it fell to Lt. Haska to fetch this dangerously unpredictable Sith from Vellurn Station. But Rikon took a liking to Rizen, and had the lieutenant reassigned as his own aide and pilot. Recognizing Rikon's unfortunate flair for damaging himself, Rizen immediately appointed himself Rikon's bodyguard, and has since seldom been out of earshot.

Rikonis had his own reasons for co-opting Rizen's services: he recognised Rizen as being of Rividh lineage. In fact, unknown to Rizen, he is Palpatine's son by Rikon's mother, Silennes Vader (one of her several genetic experiments using stolen DNA).