Name: Rhiannon Rua Player: Geri Kittrell


Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Highlands of Corellia

Age: possibly mid or late 20’s Profession: Pirate

Height: Tall Weight: average

Hair: Red, worn long and shaggy, Eyes: Moss green

wild looking (think of the 80’s heavy metal ‘

Current Position:


Personal Information


Marital Status: Married

Spouse's name: Finvar O’Cillinan


Mother: won't discuss it

Father: won't discuss it


Education: Informal, taught by bards





Force Training: None Military History:

Master's Name: Rank:

Light or Dark: Status:






Psychological Description


IQ: Average

Fears: Her husband being killed, her ship being destroyed and her crew being

Captured. Captivity

Special Abilities: Known for stealth and cunning. She is very good with throwing daggers

Temperament: Brooding, soft-spoken

Likes: Ale, mead, good hot food when she can get it. Her tastes are simply

Dislikes: Being hunted and boarded by ‘the authorities’

Pet Peeves: ship repairs

Goals in Life: To gain enough respect to be thought of as ‘the
Pirate Queen

Favorite Color: n/a

Pastime: Relaxing in cantinas, drinking

sharing songs and stories with other pirates Drink: ale and mead. Preferably and Corellian varieties

Food: Anything hot and fresh, preferably hearty stews

Hobbies: doesn’t have any


Personal History:

She, along with her crew, refused to sail ‘under the banner’ of the son of her clan chief. Because of this, paid witnesses to lie against her. He turned her clan against her with these lies and for her ‘crimes’ against the clan; she and her crew were exiled. They now roam the galaxy as pirates

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