Samantha Connelly


Physical Description

Race: Human	Homeworld: Pergitory
Age: 22	Profession: Pilot/Medic
Height: 5'2"	Weight: Slender
Hair: Silver-blonde	Eyes: Dark Blue

Personal Information
Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: -
Children: -

Mother: Amanda Qualaine Connelly (deceased)
Father: Jero Connelly (deceased)

Education: Standard Imperial education (10 years) accompanied by
swamp evac/paramedic training. Degree in Nursing. Pilots license.
Astrogators license. Firearms permit. Additional medical training.
Tutoring in Interrogation, Computers and Security at various times.
Various military training.

Force Training: Yes	
Master's Names: Aretta Fariss, Emperor Palpatine, Luke Skywalker,
Darana Cairnfell

Light or Dark: Light
Military History:
Army: Tarma / Alliance
Rank: 2nd Lt. / 1st Lt.
Status: Inactive / Honorable Discharge
Branch: Ground Forces (Slayer Company)/Ground Forces (Medical)

Psychological Description

IQ:     Very High

Fears: Insanity, torture	

Special Abilities: See Special

Temperament: Confused. Wanting to do what's right but lost her self
confidence and relying heavily on others for guidance. Inquisitive.

Likes: Safety. Stability. Flight. Navigation. Approval.

Dislikes: Risk. Conflict. Her cowardice.

Pet Peeves: Raven's overprotectiveness. 

Goals in Life: Confused currently. Her original goals of becoming a
Jedi Knight were obliterated by Skywalker and she has yet to come up
with a new one. Current minor goals include proving herself to the

Reputation: Lightsider.

Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Pastime: Piloting, Meditation
Drink: Fruit juice
Food: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.
Hobbies: Space Sims

Personal History:

Official History

Sams parents came to Purgatory as temporary contract technicians, to
work at the Imperial Spaceport. When Amanda became pregnant the
couple took a long term contract, and settled there to raise their
daughter. Amanda was a Jedi Padawan who had gone underground and she
quietly trained Sam in passive techniques.

Years later civil unrest made Purgatory unsafe. Sam's parents were
also deep cover rebel spies and aquired schematics for the new
Super-class of Star Destroyer. They died before they could get the
plans to the rebels however, and Sam was leftwith them. In the
company of a half trained on the run Jedi Padawan named Aretta Sam
got off planet to safety. The rebels tracked her down and took the
information disks, then left.

Aretta took charge of her and together they joined the Tarman
Mercenaries. Uncomfortable with the style of Force use taught by the
Tarmans Aretta and Sam departed and took up freespacing, and
occasionally smuggling. Aretta took the place of a mother in Sam's

The Emperor became aware of Samantha's force use and invited her to
Coruscant. The supposedly brief stay became a year when Aretta's ship
was reported destroyed, and the Emperor took over as her father
figure. Unfortunately, close interaction with her led to a period of
instability in the Emperor and he foresaw that she would have to go
into the Alliance. He engineered several extremely traumatic events
for her to witness knowing she would be horrified and leave him. She

In the Alliance she began training with Luke Skywalker without
success and departed again. Raven had taken her place in the Empire
and so she continued what she knew, healing and piloting in the
border wars as a neutral partisan.

Eventually she returned to the Empire. Lord Wynn Barezz attempted to
turn her and managed to release her rage before his death later on.
Aretta, now a Sith, also died.

Raven's son was kidnapped and thought killed, and so Sam went with
Raven to take care of the remaining two. When Raven returned to Court
Sam did also, enrolling in the Sith Academy in order to continue
training. This did not go well, and by the time Raven spoke to Darana
Cairnfell about training Sam much damage had been done.

Darana took her on as a student and stabilized Sam back in the Light
Side where she currently remains. Darana also recognized that Sam's
affinity for Force Healing was actually the result of a fixation on
death. The early (traumatic) loss of her parents followed in
succession by most everyone else she has come to care for created a
need to keep people alive, and so Darana has given her command of a
ship and crew, assigned her to supply runs for the Household and
banned her from further medical duty.

During the time Sam was in the Alliance she met and fell in love with
a young A-wing pilot who did the same with her. Naturally, he was
killed in battle against the Empire. Raven attempted to set Sam up
with her then student Jerrid Halvan but the two did not get along
very well. She met Jerrid again at the Sith Academy and this time a
strange sort of relationship developed. Sam has been seeing him
regularly for nearly a year now though recently Klaw convinced her he
was a bad influence and to cease.


Sam's innate Force Talent is Force Tracking, similar to Astral
Navigation. Empathy and telepathy are also particularly strong
especially when in physical contact. Her strongest ability however is
Force Healing. Combined with her medical training she is now quite
powerful in that area.


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Springfield, Il 62704

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