O'lea Sari'jek


Player: April Randall

Physical Description

Race: Twi'lek Homeworld: Ylesia

Age: 32 Profession: Chief of Alliance Intelligence Operations

Height: 5'11" Weight: 150

Hair: n/a (but has deep blue skin) Eyes: Yellow

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status: Widowed

Spouse's name: Jaed Sari'jek (deceased)

Children: n/a

Mother: Olea Syad

Father: n/a

Siblings: n/a

Education: Six years at various schools on Alderaan





Force Training: No Military History:

Master's Name: Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Light or Dark: Status: Active Duty

Army: Ground Forces

Branch: Alliance Intelligence


Psychological Description

IQ: Above Average Fears: Becoming addicted to any drug

Special Abilities: O'lea prefers spying and going undercover rather than physical battle (like most Twi'leks), but she is a fair shot with a blaster and has some hand to hand skills. She is able to communicate with her lekku and can read body
language. She is also somewhat of an empath, although she has never undergone training and does not understand where her empathic gifts come from.

Temperament: Pretty stable, fiercely loyal to anyone in the Alliance

Likes: Getting things done, organizing things, writing/reading reports

Dislikes: Information leaks

Pet Peeves: Not being informed of things she thinks she should be informed of.

Goals in Life: To help strengthen the Alliance and get rid of its



Favorite Color: Anything that matches her skin Drink: Juice

Pastime: Freeing the occasional slave Food: Rycrit meat

Hobbies: Reading



Personal History:

O'lea spent the first few years of her life as a slave to a Hutt on Ylesia, where she was born. She was sold at the age of five to an Imperial owner who physically abused her to train her to be submissive so she would make a good slave. At the age of twelve, she was on an Imperial auction block to be sold to another Imperial owner as a pleasure slave. Someone mysterious involved with the Rebel Alliance bought her, however, and promptly set her free. O'lea considered her mysterious benefactor to be like the mother she had never known. She quickly dedicated herself to the Rebel movement, already having a fond hatred of Imperials due to her upbringing. However, her benefactor, some kind of spy for the Alliance, insisted she go to schools on Alderaan, a place she would be safe.

O'lea went to school for six years on Alderaan before leaving, ready to join the Alliance and help them in whatever way she could. However, she first wanted to find the woman who had helped her. O'lea found her friend dying by the hand of Imperials. Before O'lea could recover from the loss, the only good life and the friends she'd known disappeared when Alderaan was destroyed. In a deep depression and desperate to find out who she was now that she had no ties in the world, O'lea made her way to Ryloth, the Twi'lek homeworld, to find her parents or any family. She was planning to go back to the Alliance as soon as possible but became addicted to the dangerous substance ryll.

O'lea was there for two years, her second year spent in a constant struggle to free herself from the drug. Without being fully free from ryll but on her way to recovery, O'lea signed up with the Alliance, hating the Imperials more than ever. She was convinced that if they had not killed her only "family," she would never have gone to Ryloth or gotten addicted to ryll. She had gained skills of thieving, spying, etc. while being a ryll addict, and decided to use those skills and her history as an addict to become a spy for Alliance Intelligence, like the woman who had saved her.

Several years later, O'lea fell in love with a human who also worked with the Alliance. They were married for a few years before her husband, Jaed, was killed in an Imperial raid. O'lea threw herself into her work and was granted promotion after promotion until she was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and appointed to be the Chief of Operations of Alliance Intelligence.

(OOC: O'lea is the daughter of a Jedi. This Jedi was kidnapped by Hutts and her reproductive eggs were harvested so the Hutt could breed Twi'lek slaves. O'lea never met her biological mother, nor her "father," (she was grown in a tank) and has no other family as well as no idea of her background. Her empathic gifts are a result of her mother being Force sensitive. No one knows O'lea's background, except for maybe that one pesky Hutt.)

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