Name: Serris Suragar Player: Pat Betz

Physical Description

Race: Valassian Homeworld: Valass

Age: 342 Profession: Jedi Master

Height: 6’ Weight: Average

Hair: Silver Eyes: Red with Silver

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status: Married

Spouse's name: 1st Husband: Asher Belronte —Deceased

2nd Husband: Junar Hawktoragar

Children: Durin Belronte, Telar Suragar, Juna Suragar, Keela Hawktoragar, Renar Suragar or Hawktoragar

Mother: Mela Suragar

Father: Elronar Suragar


Education: Medicine on Valassians and Xenobiology, Business, Military on Valass and Alliance,

Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: Luke Skywalker Rank: Lt. Col

Light or Dark: Light Status: Retired — 20 year veteran,

retire with full honors

Army: Alliance

Branch: Combine Operations


Psychological Description

IQ: High Fears: Unknown

Special Abilities: Mind Healer and major telepath. She is able to transform into a Silver Hawk or Silver Wolf.

Temperament: Professional, friendly, and diplomatic. Keeps her word. Will sacrifice her self to help others.

Likes: Likes to help people

Dislikes: Unknown

Pet Peeves: Unknown

Goals in Life: To serve her people to the best of her ability and as Jedi Master to teach her students to the best of her ability and to serve all life no matter what its form.

Favorite Color: Black and Silver Drink: Red Wine from Valass

Pastime: Helping and teaching others. Food: Blood

Hobbies: Unknown

Personal History:


Serris is a member of the Jedi Council and is a Jedi Master. She served in the Alliance military for 20 years, 18 _ years in Intelligence and 1 1/2 years in Combined Operations. Retired as a Lt. Col. with full honors. She is the head of the House of Suragar the second ruling house of Valass which controls most of the military forces and is also a strong merchant/trading family. Supports the ruling house of Belronte. Her first husband was Prince Asher Belronte formally Lord Asher the left hand man of the emperor who betrayed the Emperor for his love of Serris. She had three children by him, Durin Belronte heir to the ruling house of Belonte, Telar Suragar her heir to the house of Suragar, and Juna Suragar. In 5/5/94 a pregnant Serris Suragar is captured and made to believe Lord Vordis is her husband and Darana is her daughter. She miscarries. Lady Darana Cairnfell is freed from Serris Suragar by a ring of Jedi: Kirienne Solo, Morgan Nightshade, Mint ar Lincaet, Samantha Connelly and Nedege Antoinette Adoy. She adopted Darana about 5 months after her miscarriage. Prince Asher Belronte was murdered by Darana’s double. She remarried after three years to Junar Hawktoragar heir to the third ruling house of Valass. She recently had two children from him, Keela Hawktoragar and Renar Suragar. Valass is considered part of the Empire. Valass has diplomatic relations with Shardakour. Valass also has diplomatic relations with the Alliance.

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