PLayer: Rob Smith

Race: Half human, half Valassian
Age: 28
Height: 6'
Hair: Dark Brown. Most often shaved.
Homeworld: Tarnek
Profession: Assassin/Dark Hunter 
Wt: 180lbs 
Eyes: Black with red iris
Not married, no kids, 

Education: Corell schooling, Assassins Guild, and Gladiator codes
from the planet Aanoris

Force Training: Yes (Darana)(Dark) 

Military History: none

IQ: Average  
Fears: Failure. Failing Darana, Failing in his goals.

Temperament: Cold, ruthless, merciless, has an assassins code of honor. Tolerates mistakes, annoyed by disobedience that ruins missions, enraged by arrogance.

Likes: Assassination. Well worked and executed plans with a cohesive unit.

Dislikes: Jedi and Light-siders, bigots and those who accuse him of being less than human and therefore not worthy to better the Empire.
Pet Peeves: When a plan goes VERY wrong, especially due to incompetent team members.

Goals: Follow in Darana's footsteps and become the Emperors Hand, to
serve the Empire to his utmost.

Fave Color: Pitch Black. 
Drink: Alcohol with bite. 
Pasttimes: Perfecting double-bladed saber. 
Food: bloody meat. 
Hobbies: Improving usefulness of shielding ability, torture.

Special Abilities (long): Shade is a Force user of the darkest order. He is capable of shielding his mental signature from all but the most experienced force users, this results in most people just ignoring that he's there, or even consciously recognizing that he's there.

He is an expert with thrown weapons; hand-to-hand, and double-bladed
saber combat.  High Endurance and superhuman agility. His telepathy
is highly developed since he's been actively using it since birth.

Shade's true name is Nolan Talsiir. He was born on Tarnek into the
second ruling House. He lived with his parents for the first 6 years
of his life. Then his parents were murdered in front of him. He was
hidden so the killers never found him. 

The trauma caused him to regress into himself, to bury his memories
of it. He shut out the world around him. When the authorities found
him, thanks to a mis-filed report, they sent him to an orphanage on
Corell. There, he was adopted into the Corellian Assassins Guild. He
is ruthless and cunning, always pushing for best results. Nolan left
the assassins guild when his force abilities manifested themselves
during a job. 

He also left due to his feelings of need to see more of the universe
and he despised Corell. He arrived on the gladiator world of Aanoris.
He honed his physical abilities to their peak, his endurance
increased.  During her sith training, Darana Cairnfell along with her
master Lord Vordis came to Aanoris to view the very exclusive
tournaments. Under the name Shade, Nolan defeated every opponent he
met with style and grace. 

He seemed to be getting cocky until he met the Grand Champion known
as Warblade. Shade doesn't believe he will ever achieve the sheer
combat ability that Warblade possesses.  Defeated honorably, Shade
could not contain his anger as he slammed Warblade against the wall
with his TK. His dishonorable attack critically injured the Grand
champion but he recovered. Shade publicly apologized to the gladiator
community, to the council of combat and privately to Warblade. Shade
has shared his dishonor and has since atoned.  Warblade then revealed
his real name to be Bren Araval and forgave.  The two became blood
brothers. Darana returned, impressed by Shade's abilities. He began
working for her after he repaid his debt of honor to the gladiators.
He returns to Aanoris now and then. 

Shade was taught by Darana  many things relating to the dark side of
the force. He is now her agent, an assassin and student. Darana and
Shade have established a mind-link. Shade speaks low to distort his
voice. He is currently a trusted member of Darana's Household. Shade
has become friends with the second in command known as Rook. He
adapted his saber to use black light 7 years ago.  

Three years ago, during a routine training mission, he memories of
his parents death surfaced violently. Darana allowed him to return to
his homeworld to avenge them. He found out the killers were from the
third ruling House, and death surfaced violently. Darana allowed him
to return to his homeworld to avenge them.

He found out the killers were from the third ruling House, and that
they had killed the rest of his family to move into the second House
position. Over the course of the next two years, he systematically
hunted and murdered every member of that House to the third cousins.
He had left a mark on every body as notice that they were his kills.
He contacted the First House to reclaim his heritage. They gave him
half of the assets of the Third House in recompense and to keep him
out of the politics of Tarnek.

During this time, Darana came to Tarnek every three to four months to
check on him. She was the only sanity he maintained during his time
there, the only stable part of his life. Once he was satisfied that
his family was avenged, he returned to Darana's household and was
placed in charge of Security. He served Darana in this position to
the best of his abilities through very trying times, including the
execution of Arcturus. Recently, it was revealed to him that his
father was Valassian. He has found his father's family and made
contact with them.  Due to this connection, Darana, the Imperial
Governor to Valass, chose to have Shade open an Embassy on Valass and
work as liaison. Eric took over as Security Chief of Darana's House.

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