Shadow T'zen Va'chon


Player: Viper

Physical Description:

Race: Humanoid, Pointed ears
Homeworld: Chevron
Age: 32
Profession: Senator

Height: 6'3
Weight: 200
Hair: Dk Brown
Eyes: Dk Brown

Personal Information:
Marital Status: n/a
Spouse's name: n/a
Children: n/a
Mother: Tara Aurora Va'chon
Father: Talon Va'chon
Twin brother: Stealth T'ren Va'chon

Education: Military schooling, computers and piloting. Home schooling to teach him about his abilities, and uses.

Military History:

Rank: Lt. Cmdr. Retired
Status: n/a Army: n/a
Branch: Air Corp. security
Master's Name: n/a
Light or Dark: n/a
Force Training: none /natural

Psychological Description: IQ above average

Fears: n/a

Special Abilities: piloting, Telekinesis , Telepathic, Weaponry, Sciences, Tactical, Excelled in; Security measures & training

Temperament: A gentleman, somewhat quiet till provoked. Friendly will help in any situation. Diplomatic when situation arises.

Likes: Developing new weapons, improving his fighting techniques. Painting to relax. Practicing his telekinesis, Working out, weight lifting.

Dislikes: Knowing his job is important to his planet, to keep Empire from taking it over. Takes offense at others ridiculing other races. Will defend their rights.

Pet Peeves: n/a

Goals in Life: To serve the Alliance, as a senator. Making his home safer for all.

Favorite Color: Blues Black
Drink: Ales
Food: Bantha steaks

Pastime: Gambling, tinkering on ship & practicing weapons
Hobbies: Pod races

Personal History:

The Chevron race have pointed ears, and 80% of the race carry the gene for Telekinesis & Telepathic abilities. As does his identical twin brother, only difference between them is his twin's tattoo on shoulder. And his brother wears goatee. Shadow after leaving military was voted into Senate. He recently was assigned to the Alliance High Council.

The Planet Chevron at one time ages ago was a warring race. Through the year they used this knowledge to train the children. Though now the teachings have changed for a more passive way. The children are still taught military tactics, and trained in weaponry when they reach 10 year of age. Those children who are gifted with Telekinesis, Telepathic abilities are taught by there parents. They don't consider it anything from normal.

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