Sharra N'Aquivar


Player:  Heather Melville

Physical Description
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Coruscant     
Age:  23.  Appears to be at least 28.
Profession:  Intelligence operative
Height:  5'7"
Weight:  145 lbs.     
Hair:  Dark auburn.  Shoulderlength
Eyes:  Grey
Other:  A good number of old broken bones from childhood injuries,
apparent to detailed medical scan.  Most scars have been removed.  No
tattoos.  Pierced ears, small golden hoop earrings.  Wears a leather,
silk-lined pouch.  Muscular but not bulky.

Personal Information
Marital Status:  Single
Spouse's Name:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Mother:  Unknown
Father:  Unknown

Education:  Trained as Alliance operative and as Jedi.
Force Training:  Intell
Master's Name:  Nik Vie Windu
Light or Dark:  Light

Psychological Description
IQ:  High
Fears:  Does not discuss any.
Temperament:  Calm.
Likes:   Flowers
Dislikes:  Weapons malfunction
Pet Peeves:  Biting insects
Goals in Life:  To bring down the Empire
Favorite Color:  Blue
Drink:   A purple liquere.  
Pasttimes:  Meditation.  Sidearms practice.  Hand to hand combat.  Staff
Food:  Noodles and meat.
Skills:  Sidearms.  Hand to hand combat.  Code breaking.  Security and
computer systems.  Basic piloting.  Blending in.  Acting.

Military History
Rank: Major 
Status:  Alliance.  Detached duty.
Army:  Assigned to Colonel Branwen's task force.
Branch:  Intelligence/Covert Operations  

Special Abilities:  Telepathy.  Telekinesis.  Interrogation. Mind probe.

Personal History:

Sharra N'Aquivar has lived on several worlds.  Calling one her
homeworld is not completely accurate.  She was in Imperial foster
care for a time in disputed territory, in Alliance care by age 11,
and formally adopted by the N'Aquivar household at age 13.  She has spent
lot of time training, and has recently begun to gain more extensive
field experience. 


Sharra has been training with Intell since age 11.  She was trained in
the Force while working in Intelligence, by teachers provided by Branwyn.
She recently acted as Alliance second in command during two incidents at
Port Lansing.