FoE Silver Hawk

Silver Hawk

Modified SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht

Owner: Tara Alderson-Palpatine

Being the manipulative creature she is, Tara prefers not to show her hand outright. By all outside appearances the 'Silver Hawk' is a standard,silver colored, unarmed luxury Yacht.

Modifications include an advanced sensor array underneath the hull, a deflector-shield system, Several false identity chips in the transponder, 4-Retractable Laser Cannons, concussion missiles and shielded smuggling compartments throughout.

To assist in the extra weight of the Laser Cannons, the ship is outfitted with an advanced Hyperdrive and is powered by a pair of modified Ubrikkian N2 Ion engines. These modifications make atmospheric travel slightly less than ideal, but allow for ultimate maneuverability and speed during sublight and hyperspace travel.

As Tara travels a great deal, she has included a hyperradio array. Normally it is found on military or government ships.

The main deck contains Tara's private quarters with a specially built connecting cabin for Topaz. Three guest cabins and Victoria's quarters, along with the primary lounge, escape pods, bridge and primary galley.

The second level contains two guest cabins, observation lounge, half galley, and the factory built jet-stream meditation pool.

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