Player: Ky Moffet

age: 79

height: 5' 4"

weight: 114 lbs.

appearance: Slender, good posture, dancer's build & figure (moves like a much younger woman), strong for her size. Looks about 50; smooth skin, few wrinkles; only her air of matriarchal authority makes her seem like an old woman. Slightly stronger features than a typical Rividh, perhaps from the Vader side. Strong alto voice; speaks with an educated and slightly old-fashioned upper-class Imperial accent.

hair: pale silver, with hints of its original pale golden-brown)

thick, straight, long (comes to middle of her back); usually tied back at the nape of the

neck. (She will rearrange or even dye it if needful for a long-term disguise.)

eyes: brilliant blue

(people often remember her eyes as some other colour)

homeworld: Varelttas

father: Prince Xavan Vader (dec'd); Silennes is an illegitimate (recognised) paternal half-sister to Darth Vader and to Prince Sarid Vader of Varelttas

mother: Lady Izre Rividh (dec'd); through Izre, Silennes was heir to the Rividh estate, Drashak Province, Varelttas.

Finances: several million credits (inherited) banked under an alias; money is not a concern. She doesn't stint herself, likes quality but is seldom extravagant.

Temperament: Self-assured, proud, precise, has an air of matriarchal authority, can be a little overbearing; likes being regarded as somewhat unsocial and has the attitude down pat; sophisticated sense of humour; seldom speaks without cause; not easily upset or angered but when she does lose her temper, watch out! A taste for scandal and will generate same at any opportunity; cultivated a repute as the family black sheep of her generation. Dislikes nonhumans, subhumans, and "scum" of any sort. Respects endurance, resourcefulness, independence; strong contempt for stupidity and ignorance. Disregards any laws she finds unjust or inconvenient; with her talents for misdirection and concealment, rightly considers herself immune from prosecution. Enjoys meddling in galactic and local politics.

Force ability: fully-trained in both Sith and Jedi disciplines, but considers herself Sith (as does everyone else); sought Jedi training mainly to get an understanding of "how the other half lives." Talents principally in precognition, telepathy, mind-control, misdirection, concealment (excellent escape artist; can get into or out of nearly anywhere undetected).

Education: private tutors in her youth; holds degrees in Galactic History and Human Genetics from the University of Nysh IV (from almost 60 years ago); keeps up with galactic politics, well-read, good memory for detail.

Miscellaneous: Ordinarily wears plain black Sith-style robes, but has no objection to other garb as may be appropriate (will wear bright pure solid colours such as blue, brown or red, but dislikes prints, pastels and "neon" colours). Normally doesn't carry weapons, but is good with a lightsabre and a fair shot. Good pilot in her youth, but out of practice and prefers public transport (usually walks aboard unseen and makes herself at home wherever she pleases; she does not pay fare!) Active on the Imperial side during the height of the Rebellion; reported as killed in action on Nysh IV some 37 years ago; has maintained her incognito ever since, mainly because it pleases her to do so (she enjoys the freedom of movement and access it allows her). Strongly loyal to the Empire and considers the Rebels a lot of impudent upstarts. Originally felt Palpatine had promise, but regards his growing megalomania with disgusted contempt and is rather annoyed with him for "ruining" her most promising genetic experiment (Rikon), but regards what's done as done and any revenge as her son's responsiblity.

Aliases: as required; often concocted on the spot.

Children Note: Rikon is Silennes' only recorded offspring and the only one who knows where he comes from. The others were all raised as foundlings; all four are illegitimate and with the exception of Karza's sire, the fathers were unaware their genetic material was being used. Silennes regarded her children as genetic experiments (she is interested in the inheritance of Darkside Force genes) and wasn't anything of a mother, but she did keep track of them. Rikon has no memory of her and believes she is dead.

Rikonis Vader-Rividh (age 40; M; the current Lord Rividh); unrecognised son of Darth Vader.

Kezir Nishar (age 55, M; by an illegitimate son of Kezra Nishar) Well-trained, powerful Sith, also Sovhrada (Dark Hand; Iskandaaran Force discipline); presently the Emperor's agent fomenting unrest on Iskandar to "keep Prince Trinian busy at home and out of galactic politics". Rather nasty-tempered fellow with an utter lack of scruples. Copper-red hair, blue eyes, typical slender Rividh build & look.

Rizen Haska (age 54, M; by Palpatine) Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy; pilot/aide attached to Rikonis Vader-Rividh. [See Rizen's bio for details]

Karza Haskell (age 50, F; by Lord Rizel Rividh - Silennes' maternal grandfather). Director of the Iskandaaran Galactic Relief base (Rellis Station). Trained Sith Healer (most of her Force-talent lies in Healing and very strong telepathy), a competent doctor but excels as an administrator. Cheerful, outgoing, energetic, even-tempered, comes off as being a bit scattered but in fact is much more 'together' than she seems; likes people, and everyone likes her whether they want to or not. Even other Sith seldom recognise her as being Sith. Pale copper-brown hair, blue eyes, typical slender Rividh build & look.

Of her children, Silennes is most interested in Rikon; she doesn't love him nor feel any maternal attachment, and no more maternal protectiveness than she might for any valuable property, but she's tolerably satisfied with him and in a backhanded way, rather proud of his stubborn endurance. At the same time, she regards him as a bit of a failure; despite the deliberately withheld training, she expected him to make a bit more of his abilities and his life. He has all the potential she'd hoped for, but that's he's essentially a drifter is a bit of a disappointment. Still, Silennes is enough of a realist to understand that with some early guidance, and minus assorted negative influences, things might have been far different.