Silver Merlana Cappidisius


Player: Cathy Kehoe



Physical Description


Race: Human Homeworld: unknown

Age: unknown, approx. 25 Profession: student and member of the house of Darana

Height: 5’ 6" Weight: 165

Hair: long, wavy, dark Eyes: blue

Current Position:


Personal Information


Marital Status: Single

Spouse's name:


Mother: unknown

Father: unknown


Education: no formal education. Somewhere in between high school and college




Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: Lady Darana Rank:

Light or Dark: Dark Status:








Psychological Description

IQ: unknown

Fears: confinement, small places, and locks she can’t control, being bound

Special Abilities: telekinesis (high, possibly pyro, lightsaber

Temperament: usually sweet but has a temper

Likes: books, swimming, ancient history, cooking, archeology

Dislikes: confinement, betrayal, slavery

Pet Peeves: people who can’t keep their word

Goals in Life: to repay Darana for her kindness
and find a place in life.



Favorite Color: purple Drink: milk

Pastime: reading, singing Food: pizza, potatoes

Hobbies: researching ancient histories, mastering Asian and Egyptian ceremonies and techniques, like tea ceremonies



Personal History:


Silver currently resides in the House of Darana. She is a freed slave. She is gaining in confidence and desires to be more useful to her new "family".


Out of Character: Silver has a long, lost love so to speak that she is trying to find.

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