Name: S'Lara Mercetto Player: Vickie Swanson

Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Nebula (Where ever she parks her ship) Born on Coruscant

Age: 42 Profession: Merc/Free Spacer/Bounty Hunter

Height: 5'5 Weight: 135

Hair: Dk Brown Eyes: Dk Brown

Current Position:


Personal Information


Marital Status: Divorced

Spouse's name: Han Solo

Children: Lon Solo

Mother: Retired Senator Lady K'rrin

Father: Jango Fett (occ: this is Not common knowledge, ask permission to use this info)


Education: schooling, business courses, basic weapons, computers and piloting Private *Jedi training see below*





Force Training: *Yes Military History:

Master's Name: Rosktio Mresha (deceased) Rank:

Light or Dark: Light Status:






Psychological Description


IQ: Above Average Fears: losing her Son, & him being taken over or lost to Dark

Special Abilities: piloting, gambling, blaster

Temperament: Cautious, paranoid, skeptical, sly and honest, speaks mind on occasion

Likes: Her ship, Son twists on things(his view), her businesses.

Dislikes: tricks, double dealings, and not keeping ones promises

Pet Peeves: X husband

Goals in Life: See her son live to give her
grandchildren, and be trained in the use of the force. Enjoy life with
out hassles of needing to lead a double life as Merc/free spacer and
Business owner. With out Empire controls



Favorite Color: Blues Black Drink: Ale

Pastime: Gambling, tinkering on ship & practicing her weapons Food: steaks

Hobbies: Creating new drinks for her bars. (with
her son)



Personal History:


S'Lara met a handsome man at a young age, and with in a week of drinking and passion married him. Not long after giving birth to a son (Lon). The Father (Han Solo) disappeared on her before she knew she was pregnant. Unable to locate the father S'Lara worked odd jobs, and slowly learning the trade of her family. She spent time on Nebula, where she had her son Lon and getting close to the Queen. The Queen's daughter and Lon became playmates, and good friends. S'Lara chose to leave when Lon was almost eight years old. Since she had been made a Lady to the Queen she felt she need to take Lon away from the influence of Royal's and get him to experience life away from the royal society. Years later, S'Lara had tracked down Han Solo and confronted him over their marriage and son. To get a Han to officially recognize Lon as his son, & get a divorce, child support from Han. Courts awarded S'Lara divorce and back child support.

(she never received it.) Han officially acknowledged Lon as his son. S'Lara loves her son deeply and would do anything for him, to the point of being overprotective. But she knows how cruel the galaxy is.

S'Lara and Lon own a few businesses, And refurbish used ships. Occasionally taking Merc/Free Spacer/Bounty hunter jobs on the side. While S'Lara isn't poor, she not truly rich. She just very good at what she does when she puts her mind to it. And really good at investments.

*{ S'Lara's pass life she keeps rather secretive about. Her mother Retired Senator Lady K'rrin had placed her into training with in the Jedi temple on Nebula at a young age. Though S'Lara was not born on Nebula and born on Coruscant. She was trained to a Knight status, but when tested on Coruscant. She found her Force abilities only work on her home planet of Nebula. She was never tested to find out why her abilities didn't work off planet, but then there was war on. (no she's not a Knight) }

(OCC; S'Lara is younger sister to Boba Fett, this info is NOT known.) Without prior authorization from Armand or I


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