Sorcha Donnan Alastair Blackthorn


Player:  Geri Kittrell  


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Sorcha is of average height and weight’

            HAIR: Auburn, worn long   EYES:  green

            No known scars or birthmarks

RACE: Human

HOMEWORLD:   Highlands of Corellia

AGE:  Mid to late 30’s approximate

PROFESSION:  Privateer,



SPOUSE’S NAME: Captain Blackthorn (Alaric Corbin Alastair)


MOTHER:  Agata, deceased, killed while boarding a ship as a pirate

FATHER: Bran Donnan, a notorious pirate who was captured and executed for piracy by the New Republic

EDUCATION: tutored, aboard her father’s pirate ship



IQ: Average

FEARS: truth drugs, interrogations, having to see her husband killed

TEMPERAMENT: Easy going, usually. She can be very intimidating while boarding a ship they are seizing. She is soft-spoken and well mannered as is her husband. She is above all, a woman of her word.

LIKES:  shopping, jewelry, and lots of credits in her purse, all the finer things in life, Corellian brandy, well aged. Tumbling under the sheets with her husband

DISLIKES: Brigs, port officials, local magistrates, barkeeps who water down the pours, or try to.

PET PEEVES: All the paperwork involved with privateering

GOALS IN LIFE:  For the ship, the Morrigan’s Rogue, to be the best known privateering ship in all the galaxy


DRINK: The most expensive Corellian brandies

FOOD: Fresh hot meals, she detests ship rations

HOBBIES:  Shopping


SPECIAL ABILITIES: excellent marksman, especially with ship’s cannons


PERSONAL HISTORY: She grew up surrounded buy ‘the good things in life’; Her father Bran was a very powerful pirate with a sizeable fleet under his banner. He was known in some circles as the ‘pirate king’. She spent most of her childhood on his ship, The Dancing Wolf. She has known Alaric Alastair since childhood and has always loved him, when he finally proposed, she answered, “Well, it’s about time. I’ve wanted to be yer wife for a number of years now”

She seems very well trained in the social graces and can converse easily and appears very comfortable at formal functions







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