Skopposs Stillette SSlzzt (House of Zoa)


Player: Rob Stuemke

Physical Description
Race: Kellouron Twi'lek        		Homeworld:  Kellour
Age:  58                                Profession: Diplomat (adda)
Height:  5' 7"                          Weight:  170#
Hair:  N/A                              Eyes:  Gray

Personal Information

Marital Status:  Four Wives.
Spouses' names:  Mayanna Triarde (1st wife, still alive), 
		 Imynd Saarin-Sslzzt (2nd wife, dead?),
	         Emillene Azurean-Sslzzt (3rd wife, dead),  
                 Azzel del Pilaar (4th wife, divorced)

Children: Three; Aurelion (Imynd's son, most likely dead), 
	         Joceline (Emillene's daughter, alive),
                 Solace (Azzel's son, currently in a boarding school)

Mother: Della Mia-Kadeth
Father:  Kalabane Ellion Kadeth (House of Zoa)

Education: Royal Academy of Kellour, personal tutors, and Kellour Diplomatic School.

Force training: N/A

Psychological Description 
IQ: Above genius    Fears:  Something happening to his family members

Reserved, at times snobbish and elitist.  He rarely shows his true
emotions.  He will often act in a different and a contradictory
manner if he feels it is to his advantage.

Likes: Mayanna, deceiving others, power, status, and wealth

Dislikes: Enemies of the State.

Pet peeves:   (The usual) ethics, fair play, and little dogs named Fu Fu

Goals in life: Expand the influence of the Kellouron government.

Favorite color:  Royal blue

Favorite Drinks: Coffee and Zekellian Blood wine

Favorite Food:  Eejj (the earth equivalent is chocolate-covered cherries)

Hobbies/pastimes:  Cooking and gardening  

Military History:
Rank: Supreme Commander of the Third Kellouron Army 
Status:  Inactive (His command no longer exists)
Army:  Kellouron Army 
Branch:  N/A   

Special abilities:

Resistant to mind control and he is also able to withstand a great deal of torture without giving in. 
This was taught to him in his House's private training.  His ability can withstand everything except
higher level force users and very prolonged torture.    

Personal History:
Skoposs Stillette Sslzzt was born and raised on Kellour in the royal
house of Zoa. He was schooled according to his status as a member of
the upper caste.  After getting through his fundamental schooling
(first in his class), Sslzzt decided to become a diplomat in service
of his house. After a getting through the diplomatic school (which is
commonly referred to as being flayed alive) Sslzzt then had to go
through a grueling process of selection for his house's Diplomatic
core.  After making the selection and being awarded the position, he
then was schooled in the dirty tricks of diplomacy, the martial arts,
weapons, and a number of other areas deemed necessary for a diplomat
of the House of Zoa, he became a junior diplomat.

After the midnight ceremonies that accompanied his new role, Sslzzt
took a walk to contemplate his new position.  Usually his
contemplative walks were through the Zoan Gardens, but this one early
morning he decided to walk on the beach instead.  As he was walking
along, he saw someone on the edge of the surf.  Curious about this
mysterious stranger he went to investigate.

Upon turning over the unconscious person, it turned out to be the
most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Suffice it to say he fell in
love with her immediately and later when she, Mayanna Tri' arde, woke
up she found she was in love with him also.  They had a quick
courtship and decided that they wanted to be married, but there was a
complication.  Due to the customs his house followed Mayanna's house
was not high enough in status.  In defiance, they decided to elope
one night.  Later their marriage became tolerated through a series of
deals and the direct intervention of Kalabane Ellion Kadeth.

They were happily married for two years until it seemed that the two
could not have children.  Due to traditional law, if after two years
a couple did not have children, then the wife must be put to death by
being chained to a rock in the middle of a desert where she then will
die a horrible death due to dehydration and/or other natural causes.
Sslzzt refused to let this happen to Mayanna, so he arranged
transportation away from Kellour.  He then did not hear about her for
several years.

Six years then passed in which Sslzzt gained power and three wives.
The women he married were only married for the advancement of his
career.  During this time he also started to plot with other
powerful, young members of other houses about taking over Kellour and
placing themselves in charge of it.  All they needed was some
advantage over the government's forces.

A rebellion occurred and it was the break the young power seekers
needed. The rebellion was by the lower castes who felt the government
was tyrannical.  The lower caste started fighting and the upper caste
military sought to put the rebellion down.  While this was going on
the young conspirators worked to with  hold military forces back from
the fighting.  As the lower caste fighters started to win, the
conspirators let their military forces into the battle.  The hope of
the conspirators was that they could defeat the rebellious forces and
take over.  Instead they found out that they waited too long and were
losing to the lower caste forces.

Sslzzt, who was leading the assault against the lower caste's
headquarters at the time, didn't know that this was happening.  He
kept fighting while others were retreating.  Before he could realize
that he was on the losing side he was injured by an explosion.  While
he was being treated for injuries, he found out what had happened.
He then escaped on a fleeing spacecraft where he received a delayed
message that Mayanna was on Kellour.  Upon hearing this message,
Sslzzt went into a rage and killed two of his own men stopping only
when he was sedated.  After he woke up from the sedation, he calmed
down and pursued his contingency plan.  He went to join the
Diplomatic Embassy.

Through his contacts he found that the head of the Diplomatic
Embassy, Princess Azarra Vader, was at Port Lansing, so he went

When he got there, he could not find her.  On the chance that she
would be at a dance there, he attended the event.  While Sslzzt's
intention was to contact her highness and to meet people, he changed
his plans when he saw Mayanna enter.  Suffice it to say they

Another event that occurred was that he was visited by his fourth
wife Azzel.  In the meeting between the two, Sslzzt found out what
happened on his home planet after he left.  Besides the rebels taking
over (which he knew), the city, where the House of Zoa compound was
located, was attacked.  This attack was an utter surprise and caught
most everyone unaware.  Azzel explained how she made sure Solace and
Joceline were out of harms way, but the same couldn't be said for
Emillene, Imynd, and Aurelion.  Emillene was among those who were
killed in a rocket attack, while Imynd and her son were presumed dead
(but there is little confirmation of their deaths).  As their
conversation was concluding, Azzel also gave Sslzzt the notification
of their divorce.

In the several years after the war, the rebels on the planet tried to
solidify their hold on their planet.  While the majority of the upper
caste members fled or were killed, there were still groups on Kellour
fighting against the rebels.

While the rebels sought to control Kellour, some of the young
conspirators (including Sslzzt) got together and worked on retaking
Kellour.  They gathered weapons, supplies, and waited for their
opportunity.  They had a fair amount of resources to draw from, but
they realized the endeavor would be a difficult one.

The group calculated the factors about defeating the rebels and they
realized that it would be a long, bloody war.  The battle would
entail a huge amount of resources and a lot of time.  The rebels had
prepared for such a contingency and with the captured supplies they
had they were prepared for another war.  The group realized that if
they tried to oust the rebellious government, they would have a war
of attrition and it would be quite possible that they could lose.
Considering their options they decided to wait until the factors were
in their favor and victory was more probable.

As the group waited for the factors to be just right, Sslzzt became
one of the most prominent exiled Kellouron leaders.  The notoriety he
gained was something of a curse for him.  The rebel government,
wanting to strike out against the upper caste, decided that Sslzzt
was a war criminal.  When Sslzzt was announced as a war criminal, a
bounty was also put on his head.  This led to bounty hunters and
assassins attempting to get that bounty.  All attempts to kill or
capture Sslzzt failed.  Many of those who went after Sslzzt also met
unpleasant ends.

The years passed the group found a way to bring a certain victory.
The group decided to approach the Empire and ask for military aid.
This decision was a controversial one in the group, but patience was
thin and they were desperate.  They decided to send Sslzzt to ask for

The Empire decided to help, but at a price.  A type of Kellouron
fabric was used as a means of payment.  This fabric, which is
something of a secret, was a gamble and it worked.  The kellouron
group got the Military aid they wanted.

The aid came quickly and was led by Prince Garreck.  In a short time
span the planet was predominately in the hands of Imperial/high
Kellouron forces.  The rebels were defeated and executed.

After this war ended, Kellour slowly rebuilt and recovered.  Sslzzt
was part of the new planetary government.

Now that the planet had been retaken and one of Sslzzt's primary
goals in life had been fulfilled, he set his sights on other goals.

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