Andre Stiasny


Player:  Heather Melville

Physical Description
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Coruscant     
Age:  38
Profession:  Medical doctor
Height:  5'7"
Weight:  140 lbs.     
Hair:  Brown, kept short
Eyes:  Grey blue
Marital Status:  Divorced.
Children:  None.
Education:  Extensive civilian medical training, focused on  biochemical
research.  Imperial Medical Academy.  
Force Training:  None

Psychological Description

IQ:  High
Temperament:  Even.  Calm, even cold.  Intellectual.
Dislikes:  Petty bureaucracy 
Drink:   Tea
Pasttimes:  Meditation
Food:  Steak
Hobbies:  Reading military history

Military History
Rank:  M.D.  Isn't terribly concerned with any other. 
Status: Active
Army: Fleet, assigned to Cairnfell Household
Branch: Medical

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