Ciaran Storm



Player: Ron Winter




Rank:  Admiral            Status: Active            Army: Rebel Alliance           
Branch: Fleet




Race: Human     Homeworld: Unknown (Yavin)    Age:  39         

Profession: Naval Officer, Fleet Admiral and C.O. of the Storm Fleet   

Height: 6'1"   Weight: 175 lbs    Hair: Silver Blonde     Eyes: Grey-Green




Marital Status: married, believed to be widower  

Spouse's Name: Arienna Dawnstar-Storm (believed deceased)

Children: Adrianna Storm (daughter, age 4), Marcus Storm (son, age 2)

Mother: Unknown (Orien'a Ciaran - deceased)

Father: Unknown (Marcus "Wolf-fire" Ciaran - deceased)

Education:  Yavin Military Academy Flight School, Imperial Academy - Incomplete,

            Alliance Fleet Academy School.

Force Training: None            Master's Name:  -            Light or Dark:  -




IQ: High Normal           
: His secret being revealed before his job is done.  Becoming

            what he hates.

Temperament: Businesslike, secretly vengeful, loving and protective of family and


Likes: Successful missions, destroying Imperial property, spending quality time with his


Dislikes: Lengthy missions keeping him away from his children, Imperial propaganda,

            Fleet Admiral (retired) Ackbar's "naive behavior".

Pet Peeves: Being questioned, prejudice.

Goals in Life: To destroy the Empire, to have revenge on his family's murderers.  To be

            the very best Fleet officer he can and to raise his children to be free citizens.


Favorite Color
: Blues and greys.   Food: Steak   Drink: Yavin ale

Pastime: Chess, sword training.            Hobbies: Ship design, models.


Special Abilities: Expert tactician, space craft design, above average pilot, will-based

            resistance to interrogation and Force mind probes.




            Admiral Ciaran Storm was born as Adam Ciaran (O.O.C.) of Yavin.  The Ciaran House is one of the primary families on Yavin.  As a young man while attending the Imperial Academy, Adam was shocked to hear of the attack on Yavin from the Death Star.  Both of Adam's parents were killed. 

            Adam resigned from Imperial service and faked his own death, vowing revenge on the Empire.  Marcus "Wolf-fire", his father, was one of the Avengers of Yavin, and under the name Ciaran Storm, Adam vowed to visit a torrential vengeance on the Empire, in a Yavin blood ceremony.

            Ciaran Storm rose in the ranks of the Alliance rather quickly.  He was made second in command of all of the Alliance Fleet.  Then later he became Acting Fleet Admiral after  Ackbar's injuries during the battle over the planet Ilnaris to free Luke Skywalker from Princess Raven Palpatine (during the early part of the Alderson Coup).  Storm then became Fleet Admiral, after Ackbar decided to retire and devote his entire time to the Alliance Council as Fleet Liaison.

            Fleet Admiral Storm and Colonel Dral Warthen started the Yavin Ship Drydock project on the dark side of the Yavin gas giant.  Both have designed several new ships and many craft have been completed, now populating the Fleet Admiral's group, the Storm Fleet.  At this time, he has resigned from his Fleet Admiral duties, remaining as an admiral and recently being assigned to be in charge of C.C.O. Mildred Branwen’s fleet.

            The primary vessels from the shipyeards are the Alliance Star Defenders (ASDs).  Much like the Imperial Star Destroyers' design, these huge vessels are armed with heavier output turbo lasers and a nose mounted rail gun.  The ASDs are similar to the ISDs of the Empire yet are much less menacing in appearance and act as their namesake: to defend.

            Storm commands the flagship of the Storm Fleet, the ASD StarStorm. 

            Ciaran Storm married Arienna Dawnstar of the planet Enich'Chok and had two children with her.  Arienna is believed deceased but is actually stranded on a rimworld and suffering from amnesia, unknown to her husband and family.  The Admiral has renewed his Avenger's vows ceremonially, for her loss was, again, due to the Empire.

            No one is known to be aware of his alias.  His "death" was viewed as an unfortunate accident and so the family will never have an heir.  Ciaran will not go against regulations, but he greatly wishes to destroy the Empire by any means necessary.

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