Name: Brynn Sulien Player: Rebecca Miller

Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Coruscant

Age: 36 Profession: : Aide to General Bronwyn

Height: 5'8" Weight: 135

Hair: Dark Blond Eyes: Brown

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status: Unmarried

Spouse's name:


Mother: Felicia Drellina

Father: Audran Sulien


Education: Imperial Academy on Corrida





Force Training: No Military History:

Master's Name: Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Light or Dark: Status: Active Duty

Army: Ground Forces

Branch: Alliance Command


Psychological Description

IQ: Above average

Fears: Appearing incompetent

Special Abilities: Brynn is highly organized and has a very calculating brain.

Temperament: Stable and organized, loyal to the Alliance

Likes: Organization and getting things done on time and in order

Dislikes: Disorganization and incompetents

Pet Peeves: Being ignored and passed over

Goals in Life: To help organize the Alliance and
get rid of the Empire



Favorite Color: White and grey Drink: Kaff

Pastime: Keeping detailed stats on her

favorite Smash Ball team: the Coruscant Senators Food: Correlian Chocolate

Hobbies: List making



Personal History:

Brynn attended the Imperial Academy and rose the rank of Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy before defecting the Rebellion shortly before the destruction of the first Death Star. She had done very well as a petty officer, but time and again was passed over for promotion for other officers of lesser abilities simply because she was female. This frustration led her to start to see the flaws in the Imperial system and lead her to Crux Nadine. He recruited her for the Rebellion for Intel, but she had a greater gift with Command so was transferred out of Intel to Command and has been slowly working her way through the ranks since then.

Brynn is not one to form social bonds, but has a few close friends she made early on in Intel. She still has family on Coruscant, but has never spoken of them for fear the Empire would find them. She is fiercely loyal to the Alliance and frowns on any hit of dissatisfaction from the troops.


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