Sune Llath


NOTE: This bio of Sune was written as a standard bio and OOC portions
grayed out. For use of the two Intell Divisions and others who have done
background checks. If you need something not listed please feel free to
ask. Sune is the character at MediaWest with the black furry cat
headdress. Sune's final placement isnt yet decided. She may be an
undercover operative posing as a freespacer/merc/scout or just a regular
Scout who doubles as a Sensitive as needed.

Physical Description

Race: Bastet

Homeworld: Theba

Age: Young adult

Profession: Officer

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: Black, long

Eyes: Gold/Green Slitted


Personal Information

Marital Status: Single/Mated

Spouse's Name: N/A

Children: S'himon (son), Telath (daughter)

Mother: Raina Speaker~of~Souls

Father: Freki Bathes~in~Blood

Education: Pilots license, Astrogators license, New Republic Academy,


Force Training: Yes

Master's Name: Temple Priesthood

Light or Dark: Gray


Military History:

Rank: (yet to be determined, Lt?)

Status: Active

Army: Ground Forces or Fleet

Branch: Intell or Scouts


Psychological Description

IQ: Bright

Fears: Water

Special Abilities: Psychometry

Temperament: Secretive, patient, inquisitive Spirit

Neatness freak. Spirit Travel

Likes: Discovery, Fine food, Hunting Animal Empathy

Dislikes: Rain, Enclosure, Oceans, Sneezing

Pet Peeves: Poor housekeeping and grooming in others. Tardiness.

Goals in Life: Locate others of her kind and safeguard them. Continuation
of the species. Revenge her father, locate her family.


Favorite Color: Iridescance

Drink: Milk

Food: Fish (raw)

Pastime: Carving

Hobbies: Collecting jewelry


Personal History:

Sune was born into a secretive clan of warrior-mystics, the daughter of
two chiefs under the crescent moon. Her father was slain before she was
born, and her mother took over the clan after his passing. Raina
instructed her children in what their father had been in life. A
musician. a healer, a warrior who died taking a great evil with him.
Their family honor was strong, stronger still by her father's hero's
death and it was thier duty to carry on the tradition.

At two Raina turned the twin cubs over to the Temple and Walked into the
Spirit Realms. Sune began training as a mystic, her eldest brother as a
warrior. Her youngest as a mystic, but darker. He had been born with a
twisted leg and was crippled all his life, but his mind was the strongest
of them all. He sought out puzzles in the darkness, forbidden knowledge
and absorbed everything. Then on their 4th birthday, both of her brothers
disappeared without a trace.

Sune continued on, completed her training and went into the forests, and
from there into the city. She began working as a wilderness guide and
part time bodyguard for hire, and eventually shipped out as crew on board
a freight hauler. Moving from ship to ship, she ended up as crew aboard
an archeological vessel. On a shoreleave between jobs she'd located a set
of ruins and returned with bits and pieces of artifacts that attracted
the interest of a wealthy collector. He hired her to lead a team back to
the site and they began excavating the tomb.

She began to receive dream visitations at night the deeper the team went
into the structure, and feel deeply uneasy without knowing exactly why.
On the day the team planned to open the tomb Sune took the ship out for
an ostensible supply run. Far away she Walked back to the site and
watched from the astral plane. The diggers were eaten alive, souls
swallowed by a creature of darkness she has yet to identify, but knew it
was stronger than she and she began to flee. The creature tried to catch
her and nearly succeeded, but she managed to escape and soon after joined
the Alliance.


Sune is among the Alliance's ubiquitous "Sensitives", used to guard Force
Users and perform other Force related duties in addition to their usual



    Phaedra Whitlock

    1141 West Iles Avenue

    Springfield, IL 62704


Bastet Species Info: (All OOC)

Bastet are a humanoid race, generally able to pass for human and able to
interbreed without much problem. A subspecies of the race exists, though
rare, as a recessive gene. Those carrying the gene in part are known as
Kinfolk, in full as Folk, and are the force sensitives of the species.

Folk are widely present in Bastet literature, particularly mythology and
legendary ancient history. Long ago they were more common and served as
Kings, Queens and Warriors. As Healers, Mystics and Visionaries ruling
the lives of the non Folk. As less of them were born, Kinfolk and
eventually those with no trace whatsoever of the gene gradually filled
the roles traditionally Folk. Today the Folk are still revered, though
almost thought a myth or extinct, and hold no authority at all. Most who
carry the gene have no idea that they do. As Folk are physically superior
to Kinfolk, so kinfolk are to those lacking any Gene at all.

When a True Bastet is born the Folk arrive and take the child, usually
within the first month. The parents are not consulted and it is as if the
child is dead. The kit is raised in the Temples and taught the Folk ways,
history and heritage, and instructed in the use of their unique
abilities. Neither dark nor light, Folk generally use the lighter side
but also have developed a technique for extreme (temporary) self
bio-enhancement that relies heavily upon the darkside, tapping in on
primal fear and rage within each Bastet. Weak willed beings viewing an
Elder Bastet in full crinos can be killed outright by the Fear and Rage
unleashed this way. The racial talent of the Bastet is in dealing with
the spirit realm. Being aware of spirits and their realm, interacting
with them and assuaging them when necessary.

They see the darkness as Cahlash, the personification of Entropy. The
Father of the Night, Author of Mysteries. They know he is dangerous,
seductive and ultimately essential to the balance. Rajhah is his
opposite, Order. Nala is the force of creation. Those who fall to Cahlash
are known as Dakat. The children who came too close to the fire and were
burned beyond recognition.

Disputes between Folk are dealt with through the practice of hanshii,
ritual combat, usually at Taghairm when Folk gather to discuss and
exchange information.