Captain Suzie Murphy


Player: Dora Furlong

Race: Mergallian
Homeworld: Mergalia
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 10 Stones
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Light Blue
Profession: Smuggler

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: N/A
Children: None

Mother: Jennifer Murphy
Father: Galric Murphy

Other Relations: Furgus Murphy

Education: Mergalian Standard, Imperial Secretarial Academy 

Force Training: None

Military History: N/A

Psychological Description

IQ: Normal

Fears: Being responsible for anothers death and sudden de-pressurization 

Likes: Helping people, having fun, and causing chaos wherever appropriate

Dislikes: Death and Negativity

Pet Peeves: People who take things for granted

Goals in Life: To see and do as much as possible while having fun

Special Abilities: She has the ability to change skin color, eye color,
and hair although she prefers her natural blue tone. SHe can shift
between Human Tan, Green, Red, and Black. Hand to Hand, Computers,
Security Systems, Smuggling, Disguise, and Piloting. She enjoys gambling.

Personal History:

Suzie is considered a teenager among her people. SHe left home after only
the basic education due to an intense desire to see more of the Galaxy.
She enrolled in the Imperial Secretarial Academy. Upon graduating at the
top of her class she signed up with a smuggler named Kaleb. She spent
several years with him and learned his trade. 

Eventually Kaleb was captured by Imperials and imprisoned. Suzie was lost
and uncertain of herself, but then decided to put her skills to work. She
placed Kaleb's belongings in storage, hoping that one day she could
free him or he would be freed, then gathered a small crew of her own,
purchased a ship, The Lady Bug, and began her own career as a smuggler.

While Suzie does not like death, she will do what she must to protect
herself and informaiton she is guarding. SHe uses her 'singlemindedness'
as a ploy. The more a person tries to question her about somethign the
more she will give simplistic answers. 

Suzie has been in charge of the Imperial Detention Center and the
Imperial News Newtwork. 

Favorite Color: Blue
Drink: Carbon Freeze
Pasttimes: Causing Chaos
Food: Fruit
Hobbies: Flying

Biological Informaiton:

The Mergalin nervous system operates at low level electrical pulses. They
are Cobalt based, lending itself to their natural blue appearance. The
ability to change tones comes from the chemicals stored within what
equates to the adrenal gland. 

The skin is thick due to extreme weather conditions and are capable of
handling intense pain. Mergalins hibernate during periods of sub zero
weather and conversely extreme heat causes body functions to become
sligtly disfunctional but they are still capable of functioning far
longer than most humans. They are also capable of handling higher levels
of radiation that would kill a human.  

While Mergalins have high physical stamina, they can not handle quick
changes in temperature  and Oxygen rich environments cause them
disorientation and vertig, cured by shots of cobalt solutions. 

Mergalin blood is poisonous to humans. Mergalin metabolism is slower
than a humans and carbonated beverages are intoxicating, effects are
similiar to alchohol. 

The Mergalin immune system also has a unique way of attacking virii. It
is capable of developing its own chemical attacks on foreign bodies.
Anything that does not belong is sampled and by a small parasite that is
required by the system, then the proper cure is released. Mergalins are
long lived and seldom ill. 

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