Talia Matthews


Player: Dora Furlong

Race: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5'8 
Hair: Chestnut 
Eyes: Blue
Homeworld: Langley

Mother: Kyra Matthews
Father: Derek Marsden, Deceased, Deveron
Adopted Father: Mark Matthews, Deceased

Brother:  Jeffrey Matthews, Half Brother

Education: Talia attended various Military schools until she graduated
early at age 16. She entered University on Avalon and began studying
Systems Engineering. She was fascinated with biological systems in
particular. At 18, during her second year in school, she was recruited by
Alliance Intelligence. She spent that Summer in Officer training and
afterwards added specialized military classes from Avalon base itself to
her schedule. She has studied Security Systems, Military Operations,
Physical Conditioning, Survival Tactics, and Covert Surveillance.  

Marital Status: Single

Force: Yes
Light/Dark: Unknown yet although she is exhibiting tenancies towards Dark
Master: Training under Eric Daniels 


Rank: Major
Status: Wanted for Questioning 
Army: Intel - Operations  
Branch: Alliance 

Psychological Description:

IQ: Very High

Temperament: Willful, Fast Paced, Highly Disciplined, Decisive, Self
Confident, and Tenacious.  

Likes: Sunny Days, Being Physically Active, Finding New Challenges both
Mental and Physical, and learning new things. 

Dislikes:  Being Bored, Cold Weather, lack of control over herself,
Lack of Mental Acuity, and being Sick.

Pet Peeves: Indecisiveness, Lack of Follow through, Screaming Children,
Indirectness (People beating around the bush), and long windedness.   

Fears: Being shot in the head, Becoming a Sith

Goals in Life: To protect the innocent. 

Special Abilities: Mathematics, Systems Engineering with an emphasis on
Neurological/Biological Systems, Cryptography, Security Systems,
Surveillance, Languages, and Computers.  

Force Abilities: Inter and Multi Dimensional thought, heightened bodily
awareness and control, Control of Strong Energy Fields, Telepathy, and
Neurological Manipulation.   

Personal history:

Talia's biological father was killed during a mission when she was
fairly young. Kyra taught her to not grieve for her father, but to be
proud  of him and the sacrifice he had made for not only her, but
also other families and beings in the Alliance. He died to protect
thier freedom.

Talia took her mothers words to heart and was proud of both her
parents.  She held her mother, Kyra, in high regards as a role-model.
It was her mothers influence and patriotism that led her to
eventually join the Alliance when they recruited her. She felt very
strongly about doing her part, she saw it almost as a civic duty.

When Major Rose led his coup, she was cut off completely from her
mother. She was not aware of the circumstances which led her mother
to be wanted by the Alliance. Talia was questioned by Rose's forces
then transferred to a non-classified position in analysis. Talia was
depressed, furious, and angry, but she did understand the reason. She
was never very close, her mother was away most of the time, Talia did
very much enjoy the time she spent with her.

Major relief swept over Talia when the reason behind Kyra's status as
wanted came to light. In the end it was Rose who had been the traitor,
not her mother. When it was announced that Kyra had defected to the
Empire, Talia was devestated. She refused to believe it. She kept
thinking that it had to be a ruse, her mother has to be undercover.
Finally she had convinced herself this was true and it would only be a
matter of time before Kyra was back in the Alliance where she belogned. 
This did not stop her from cursing her mothers name when she was once
again interviewed by counter-intel and security, then once more
reassigned into Analysis in a non-classified position. 

Talia decided it was best that to her, her mother was dead, all that
remained was Kyra Matthews the Traitor, whom she would bring in for
justicve should thier paths ever cross.  In mid January of 2001 Talia was
kidnapped off of Langley by a group of unknown mercenaries.  

Eric brought her in at Kyra's requst. Kyra was concerned for her
daughters safety, that Intel might use Talia against her without
Talia's consent.

Talia refused to talk to her mother an attempted to reach her physcially
and kill her. Kyra had destroyed Talia's life in the Alliance and now was
confirming her treachery to Talia. Now it was Kyra, her own mother,
directly responsible for her imprisonment in the Empire. 

Eric Daniels placed a force manipulate bio-tech chip in her,  he same
one that had been in Sidra Roamstar. The chip induced pain everytime she
attempted to escape or harm anyone. She was then moved to guest quarters,
provided limited access to a computer systemi and the house. 

Talia began to use the computer system to attempt to find a way around
the bio chip. Eric had given Talia a choice, remain here as a prisoner or
work for the house as an analyst. She refused. Instead she would practice
her martial arts, reatraining her mind to think of every move in all
manners as doing kata.   

Once her neuro net was alsmot complete, Talia tried to attack a guard.
The instant she made contact the chip kicked in and she was
unconcscious. She woke up in a cell and made the decision that as
soon as she was released she would finsh and use the nueral net. 

Eric was very curious what Talia was up to so her allowed her to complete
it. Talia placed it on, Self-Induced almost non-existant life signs, then
began workign with her force ability and the nueral net to burn out the
chip. realizing she would be successful in teh end Eric turned the chip
off to see what talia would do. Immediately she attempted to escape, but
wound up back in Security bound and gagged. 

Eric returned her to her quarters. Talia began intentionally fighting the
chip. After several days eric came up and agreed to remove the chip as
long as she agreed to not attempt to escape or harm anyone in the house.
If she did he would not hesitate to kill her. 
Talia agreed and then once more returned to working on