Lord Taras Steele


Physical Description






Weight:160 lbs.


Personal Information

Marital Status: Spouse's Name: Lady Cassandra
Children: Tarlon (M), Tirna (F), Korhan (M), Quintana (F), (legitimate),
Caitlin (F) (illegitimate), Javon (M), Laran (M), Irianna (F), Kieren (M), Kerisha (F) (adopted)



Education:Ph.d. History, University of Zoron, Ph.d. Poly Sci, University of
Zoron, Ph.d. Philosophy, University of Zoron.

Force Training:Yes

Master's Name: Lord Koross

Light or Dark:Dark

Psychological Description

IQ: Very High

Fears: N/A
Temperament: Mostly calm. Can be very vengeful if family is threatened.

Likes: Children, Music, Scholarship.

Dislikes: Unnecessary violence, people who think that's all there is
to the Dark Side.

Pet Peeves: N/A

Goals in Life: Bring the Rebels to heel and end this stupid war.

Favorite Color: Blue-Gray
Pasttimes: Reading
Hobbies: Playing the recorder

Drink: N/A
Food: N/A

Military History:
Rank: NA
Status: NA
Branch: Sith

Special Abilities:

Very strong mindlink to Cassandra. They can always find each other,
talk, see through each other's eyes, etc.

Personal History:

Taras' known history begins just before the events of the first movie
when his mentor, Lord Koross brought him to Coruscant to be presented
to the Emperor as a Sith and Cassandra's consort. He was already
trained at that time. He was made Sub-Regent of Koross^ sector.

Taras was present at the Battle of Yavin, which he and Cassandra
watched from the bridge of Koross' flagship the ISD Warrior.They were
escorting a delegation of planetary leaders. The purpose of the tour
was to demonstrate the Empire's new weapon. The Warrior did not
participate in the battle.  After the Battle they rescued Lord Vader
and left Yavin.

Palpatine sent Taras and Cassandra to Tatooine to ensure Luke succeeded in
his rescue of Han. This was part of the plan to lure Luke to Endor. Sith
intervention turned out not to be necessary. As they left Taras and
Cassandra eliminatedthe remnants of Jabba^s organization. They then reported
to Palpatine at Endor. They participated in the battle, commanding the ISD

At Port Lansing in 93 the Emperor appointed Taras Lord Chamberlain.

In 94 at Port Lansing Taras thoroughly terrified the rebel
headquarters staff. Firstwith an unarmed escape attempt that left
Avon and Princess Leia stunned and was only stopped by the fist of
the wookiee Garth. And by throwing Garth through the wall into the
next compartment.

Also in 94 Taras made an unexpected appearance during the Imperial
operation to prevent the planet Skoran from defecting to the
Alliance. It is not known why he was there but the three young
children of the King of Skoran^s brother are not accounted for.

Taras has recently ordered the arrest of Altathea Palpatine Metieh for the
attempted murder of his Majesty at Port Lansing.

Taras maintains a private ID as Prof. Torin Steelas who teaches Imperial
History at the Uiversity of Zoron.

His sister's name is Lady Talasa, and his mistress is named Alana,
(Caitlin's mother).  Personal ship: RSD Sapphire Yacht: Pied Piper

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