Tarvi Sitorian

Local Color

Player: Terri Ruwe

Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Kilea

Age: 40 Profession: Owner, Editor & Publisher of the Galactic Inquirer

Height: 5’4" Weight: 150

Hair: Chestnut Eyes: Green

Current Position: Snooping around the galaxy

Personal Information

Marital Status: unattached

Spouse's name:


Mother: Ylanova Ristall

Father: Hirak Sitorian

Siblings: Brothers: Colin Sitorian, Chellan Sitorian, Sisters: Tanith Sitorian

Education: Exclusive, private education until age 16, then worked her way through the Imperial University of Kilea


Force Training: n/a Military History: n/a

Master's Name: Rank:

Light or Dark: Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: High

Fears: Total Darkness, Small Crawly things, being ill or helpless

Special Abilities: Cryptography, Hacking Computers & Security Systems, Disguise, Ability to talk her way out of trouble, Hand-to-hand for when she can’t, piloting, for really BIG trouble

Temperament: Never seems to be serious, loves to talk. Quick to make a friend but rarely forgives, carries grudges.

Likes: Fuzzy baby animals, art, music, storytelling, writing, making credits and starting fights.

Dislikes: Drunks & dopers, pomposity, the unfairness of life & the system.

Pet Peeves: Being inconsiderate to the handicapped; people taking life too seriously

Goals in Life: to become rich and famous, or at least notorious,
through her writing



Favorite Color: gold, red Drink: Tatooine sunrise

Pastime: Reading Food: chocolate covered strawberries

Hobbies: History, reading romance or adventure fiction,
writing mystery or adventure holoplays



Personal History:

Her father Hirak Sitorian, was the head of one of the major communications networks, while Ylonova Desa Ristall, her mother, was a noted biological & pharmaceuticals research scientist.

Tarvi had a turbulent childhood, as her mother felt she was the favorite child of her father. Thus she became the target for her mother's anger as the marriage slowly disintegrated. Ylonova only subjected Tarvi to verbal and physical abuse in private, while remaining the model parent in public. Tarvi was the only one of the four Sitorian children thus abused, and her siblings managed to convince her that she deserved the treatment Ylonova gave her. At age 16, Tarvi chose to live with her father when her parents divorced, but her mother, not to be outdone, hired some mercenary hoods to kidnap her and took her to Rehalla. Ylonova told Hirak that Tarvi had changed her mind.

Tarvi managed to run away within months, and stowed away on a freighter, Aquilarius on a route headed for Coruscant. She was found almost immediately an during which time Tarvi worked up to a second class pilot's ticket, since the pilot and owner, Shana Rhee, took a liking to her fast talking.

Once Aquilarius made port on Coruscant, at about the time of A New Hope, Tarvi contacted her father's company only to find that he had defected to the Alliance. She spent several days tracking him down, and when she did contact him, he brushed her off, saying he had more important things to deal with than errant children, and told her that her sister and two brothers were killed by Imperial Stormtroopers. He was going on an Important Mission. (He had been assigned to Dantooine.)

Devastated by the news, and the rejection, Tarvi left on her own, and went in search of her mother to find out what happened to her siblings. Ylonova told her that the other children were killed by Rebel terrorists, as Hirak’s way of keeping them from her. Tarvi was completely revolted by this tale, and walked out on both her parents. She worked her way through the Imperial University of Kilea, majoring in journalism.

Throughout her student life, she kept a wary eye on the events of the galaxy: the destruction of Aldaraan, the building of the second Death Star; its subsequent destruction and the miraculous survival of both Vader and the Emperor, and the re-establishment of the Jedi in defiance of the Empire, and thinking hard.

She had been interested in computers all her life, & was skilled in hacking computers and security systems, which tended to get her into a lot of real trouble in University. Her outspokenness alienated almost all of her professors. She also developed that habit of looking beyond the surface of things, situations, & people, & noticing those details that other people might miss. Having started her career by working for local gossip rags, she knew that gossip attracts a lot of attention, piques curiosity, so that is what she sold when she went independent. But those gossip sheets contain hidden things that point to the gray areas of life, that are designed to make people think: hey, maybe the Alliance isn't all goodness and light. The majority of the Rebels are, but not all of them; some people are anarchists for anarchy's sake. Maybe the Impies aren't all evil. Maybe there are some people who serve and do so honorably. Her proudest accomplishment was the successful break in to the Imperial BioWarfare Labs (where her mother worked) and the exposé of what went on there, and the rescue of Kerellsen Drew. She attempted to do a similar piece on the Passionist religion, but was captured and brainwashed by Mothe Dione’s minions. Kerellsen returned the favor, and rescued her from the Passionists.

Because of the controversial nature of what she does, Tarvi lives in a small courier ship which she won in a game of sabaac. She calls it Serendipity , and it serves as the mobile office of the Galactic Inquirer. She commands the unquestioning loyalty of her staff, who are devoted to her. She also has a number of freelance, undercover reporters and holographers roaming the galaxy, looking for "newsworthy" events and people. She is non-discriminatory, having made fun of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Azarra Vader, the Emperor, the Governor, Catriat Aull, Admiral Metieh and Mon Mothma, Sonya Wells, and just about every other "personality" in the universe.

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