Name: Sierra ar Tikar Player: Pat Betz

Physical Description

Race: Illnaran Homeworld: Illnaris

Age: 38 Profession: Senator

Height: 5’5" Weight: Average for height

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's name:


Mother: Lirsa ar Tikar

Father: Cori ir Tikar


Education: Political Science and Warrior Training




Force Training: No Military History:

Master's Name: Rank: Warrior

Light or Dark: Status: Retired

Army: Illnaris

Branch: Ground Forces


Psychological Description

IQ: Average Fears: Spiders

Special Abilities: None.

Temperament: Even temperament. Thinks before she acts

Likes: Good looking young men.

Dislikes: Imperials.

Pet Peeves: Lazy people

Goals in Life: To see that Illnaris remains free and to make sure that Illnaris’s best interests are handled properly.



Favorite Color: Blue Drink: Beer

Pastime: Studies other cultures. Food: Steak

Hobbies: Hunting



Personal History:

Disguishing Mark: Hawk tattoo on left arm

Sierra was a tribal negotiator between the tribes on Illnaris. She also served as a warrior to help defeat and chase off the Imperials on Illnaris. She studied different alien cultures during the Imperial occupation and went to Imperial Schools on the planet and got a degree in Political Science. She continued to study different cultures after the occupation to help her people to understand the outsiders to her world since joining the Alliance. She was elected by her people to represent Illnaris’s interests within the Alliance.

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