System Description

Sun:	Heroth
Sun Type: G5
Position:	Third of Seven
Moons:	2

Astronomical Anomalies: None

Places of Interest:
1 _______ 	6 _______
2 _______	7 _______
3 _______	8 _______
4 _______	9 _______
5 _______	10 ______

Planetary Description

Location:	N/A

Sector:	Zoron

Climate:	Temperate

Tech Level: Imperial standard.

Major Exports: High tech consumer goods.

Major Imports: Food, raw materials.

Government:	Aristocratic Republic.

Religion:	N/A

Loyalties:	Mixed

Population:	1,000,000,000
Planetary History:

Torion was first settled near the middle of the Republic period. The
planets major attractions were excellent climate and a good location
on the local interstellar trade lanes.

Originally planned as an agricultural colony, Torion started life
with more capital than was required and quickly developed a large and
successful light industry.

The government is dominated by a merchant nobility made up of the
families who own and manage the industry. It has managed to keep
Torions participation in the Republics and the Empires wars to
sending troops to fight elsewhere.

At the beginning of the Imperial period there was a rebel movement on
Torion. This movement presented a slight threat to the Empire. This
threat was eliminated when the rebel leader, Logan Steelas was
killed, five years before the Battle of Yavin. The Rebellion still
has a foothold on Torion but it is little more than a debating

Today Torion is a rich society that is reasonably loyal to the Empire
and enjoys self government.

The government is headed by President Loric Terlas. The Imperial
resident is Tarna Steele, a member of an up and coming noble family
of Zoron, the Sector Capital. She is quite young for her position.

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