Trehvor of Zeltros


PLAYER: Season Irwin

NAME:  Trehvor of Zeltros, from South Sector, Sweet Ridge County Plains.
GENDER:  Male    
AGE:  21 standard years     
RACE:  Zeltron

MILITARY DIVISION:  Mercenary Guild - no other affiliation

5' 9" tall, very healthy physique.  Longish bright red hair worn over
his ears and collar ( falls into place at a shake of the head ), red
skin and eyes.  Typically wears a tough expression and sometimes a
pair of eye shades, depending on his mood.  Youthful looking and
handsome - looks younger than his true age.  Wears clothing that is
worn or torn in stylish ways, but is always squeaky clean.
Habitually wears an expensive gold neckchain.  

Very self-confident.  Walks as though he has a chip on his shoulder
toward everyone, except for the ladies.   Is quite charismatic and is
a big ladies man, quite romantic, but never leaves behind his tough
edge.  Is sensitive about how young he looks.  Acts very tough and
fights like a demon.  Never shows fear.  Shoots off his mouth first,
thinks later - is quite the hot-head.  Is very loyal and true to his
word and promises.  He is a neatness freak.  Somewhat vain about his

Has a record of bad behavior ( lots of fights ) back on Zeltros with
the authorities, but was never imprisioned for a crime.  Has
difficulty accepting authority from the law if he doesn't agree with
its dictates.  Left home and went off planet at the age of 18 to
adventure throughout the galaxy, living off his pay as a mech for
hire, and kept moving along from job to job because of his hot
temper.  Dani paid his bail and hired him on as the fourth member of
her crew after she saw him dragged off to Gaol one night from a

Excellent fighter!  Trained as a mech back on Zeltros and has since
worked on many types of ships with more than good success.  Has a
sixth sense at locating hard-to-find ship malfunctions.  Also highly
skilled at cutting hair, a natural talent.  Even cuts and styles his
own hair.  Very adept at throwing knives.  Says he is very, very good
with a blaster.  Sings well.  

Heavy blaster and two knives worn in scabbards on each boot.  

Being hit in the face.  Being tortured.  Solitary confinement.  Being
seperated from his crewmates.  

Having his own way.  Parties.  Young females of any species.  A good
brawl, and picking fights.  Fixing ships that are tough to repair.
Good food and drinks.  Flirting.  Zeltronian strawberries with
cream.  Hot tub parties.  

Anyone saying anything about his age - period!  Authority.  Not being
able to cut his hair "just so".  Getting hit in the face because in
his opinion it ruins his good looks!  [ Resembles a young Tom Cruise
with long hair.  ] 

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