William Scott Trent


Player's Name: Amanda Wilcoxen

Physical Description Age: 28
Homeworld: Corellia.
Race: Corellian.
Weight: 161 lb.
Sex: Male
Hair: Sandy brown, worn long.
Eyes: Hazel

Distinguishing Marks: Really doesn’t have any, but his lopsided grin is one of his trademarks.

Current Status:

Current Job: Alliance Intel.
Personal Information

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: -
Children: -

Mother: Va'tr Tegal Trent (deceased)
Father: Santr Vieng Trent (deceased)

Education: College training, military/intelligence training.

Force Training: No.
Master's Name: -
Light or Dark: -

Psychological Description

IQ: Normal
Fears: Betraying the Alliance, having his weaknesses used against him.
Temperament: Mild, meekish
Likes: Finding out things before others do
Dislikes: The Empire, liars, and traitors.
Pet Peeves: Cocky people, brats.
Goals in Life: To be there when the Empire crumbles.

Favorite Color: Blue, brown
Drink: Corellian Ale
Pasttimes: Hanging out with Keith
Food: Pasta
Hobbies: Improving his skills in Intel.

Military History

Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Status: Active
Army: Alliance
Branch: Intel

Special Abilities: Can be very covert in what emotions he shows. Can pick any type of lock in a matter of seconds. Breaking codes, combat training, digging up info. quickly on people. Good at interrogation, can be intimidating at times when need be. Piloting skills.

Personal History:

Even though he grew up Corellia and gambles a lot like his father; Trent keeps to himself, but is watchful for others. When his mother died of a disease and his father died from food poisoning, he left home for the Academy, where he met Keith La'Rose. He refers to Keith often as "kid". Currently Trent is in Intel and working to get further in his career and go on more dangerous missions. -- Assigned on Hoth to check out a shuttlecraft that went down.

He had a job offer from some named Sune, and plans to take her up on her offer after he completes his current mission.

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