Tyr Annic


Physical Description:

Age: 16 Race: Human Height: 5 feet 8 inches Weight: 150 lb. Hair Color: Dirty Blond Eye Color: Blue-Green

Other Distinguishing Marks: A mole and dimple on his left cheek.

Current Status: Missing from Kuat Current Job: Stowaway

Army: N/A Branch: N/A Rank: N/A Special Abilities: Can hide amongst cargo very well.

Personal Information:

Homeworld: Kuat Marital Status: Single Spouse's name: N/A Children: N/A

Father's Name: Victor Annic Race: Human Homeworld: Kuat Background: Captain of the ISD Tyrannic

Mother's Name: Noel Annic Race: Human Homeworld: Kuat Background: Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy as a Corpsman.

Education: Imperial Academy Elementary/Middle/High School of Kuat City

Force Training: N/A Master: N/A Light or Dark: N/A Employment History: N/A

Psychological Description:

IQ: High Temperament: Usually calm, but can be obsessive with individual goals if he is incited. As a standard teenager, he can be short-tempered when he is doing something very important and has very unpredictable moods when he is talked to. He is also a very individualistic person but is very friendly to those who know him. He also believes that the Empire is bad, but needs a better ruler and then will be perfect. He believes that idiot-rule (Democracy) is an awful idea and he despises it. Fears: The Emperor, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker Likes: Discipline, order, large numbers of things (e.g. military parades or reviews), reading, and darkness. Dislikes: Idiots, disorganization, brightness, large social events (though he is not afraid of people, he just dislikes large groups), and sports. Pet Peeves: Sniffling Goals in Life: He struggles to get over the fact that he is named after his father's ship. He wants to prove to people that he is a person worthy of the name Tyr.


Color: Red Pastime: He enjoys reading about the Clone Wars and recreating battles of them (in his mind, on paper, with toys, and whatever else he can). Hobbies: He used to sneak around and gather ^”useless^‘ information on people he knows to try and blackmail them for money. Food: Ryschate Drink: Blue Milk

Personal History:

Born on Kuat to two influential parents, Tyr^s early life was one of luxury. From the moment he entered school to the day he stowed away on board his father^s Star Destroyer, he had anything and everything he wanted. He entered school at the age of four as his intelligence became very clear. He graduated from middle school at the age of eleven. He entered High School early and quickly made a name known for himself as a womanizer. Regrettably for Tyr, this was only because his father was the captain of a Star Destroyer and nobody wanted that Star Destroyer to obliterate their village. However, that fact also made certain that many people stayed away from him for fear of angering him. He made it through high school in three years and instead of going to college he asked his father for permission to go to a military school and join the Imperial Navy. His father, proud of his son and well aware of the dangers of the Navy, refused to give his permission. For the next two years Tyr blackmailed those few Alliance sympathizers and Imperial diehards that lived near him. Finally, he grew tired of trying to raise money to go himself, and he struck off on his own. He purchased a blaster and stowed away on his father^s ship. On board, the Tyrannic he learned how to sneak around well and when the ship put in at Port Lansing he saw his chance. He snuck on board the station and came across the Imperial forces. He signed up immediately and was put into action the same day.

In his first battle, he didn^t see much action and wisely so. He learned the ropes and when the rebels mounted their second assault the very next day, he was ready. He found himself in his element, working alone and sneaking around, but soon found that the average rebel was smarter than your average Imperial Navy man and that his stealth was insufficient to hide from most people. He was repeatedly captured by the rebels and each time he grew obsessive on breaching their base. After eleven times, the battle was concluded and he had learned nothing. His previous dislike of the Rebels turned to immense hatred and he wishes only to crush them without mercy. The future awaits Tyr Annic and he looks to it with glee for it means a chance to rise amongst the Imperial ranks and a chance to be the one who captures Han Solo for good.

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