Victoria Alderson


Physical Description:

Age: 15

Homeworld: Telos

Race: Telosion (Human)

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 137

Sex: Female

Hair Colour: Auburn (Looks red in correct lighting. Her hair's long and full w/waves)

Eye Colour: Brown

Current Status: With Tara on her ship.

Current Job: Apprentice to Tara, Princess of Shardakour.

Force Training: Yes

Master's Name: Tara Alderson Palpatine

Light or Dark: Dark

Personal Information:

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's Name: -

Children: -

Mother's Name: Kathryne Syn (deceased)

Race: Telosion (Human)

Homeworld: Telos

Background: Worked for the Empire.

Father's Name: Marcus Syn (deceased)

Race: Telosion (Human)

Homeworld: Telos

Background: Farmer who sided with the Alliance.

Aunt: Octavia Jinn Kyrsk (Former Jedi)

Grandfather's Name: Wai-Cha (Stratus) Jinn (deceased)

Race: Human

Homeworld: Malastare

Background: Jedi (his father was Qui-Gon Jinn)

Grandmother's Name: Me'a Syn (location unknown)

Race: Human

Homeworld: Roona

Background: Instructor in language and Engineering

Great Grandfather: Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn

Great Grandmother: Jedi Master Tahl

Education: Street wise

Psychological Description:

IQ: Above normal

Fears: People over powering her, and failing her goals.

Temperament: Even

Likes: Reading, training, keeping to herself, talking with Retroy when she can.

Dislikes: People trying to make her open up and whiners.

Pet Peeves: Jedi and the Alliance.

Goals in Life: To serve her people and stay out of her bratty moods, give people chances.

Favorite Color: Black, dark purple, and midnight blue.

Drink: Juice or Soda

Pastimes: Training, learning her power in the Force.

Food: Fruit

Hobbies: Writing, learning about others, making models out of toothpicks.

Special Abilities: Can talk herself fast out of situations to the point where people grow tired of her, and forgets about what they were talking about, telekinesis, mind probe, telepathy.

Personal History:

Ran away from home at the age of ten, it was a year after her mother had mysteriously died when Victoria decided to leave. Fear and untrust of her father was another factor. Her father never told her about her mother, he wanted Victoria to do things his way. After deciding she would be better off alone she left Telos and struck out for Port Lansing: She wanted to see the galaxy and out all the students at home.

Met Octavia Syn Jinn, when she was twelve and tried to steal her lightsaber. At the same time, finding out that Octavia was her Aunt. Afraid of her aunt sending her back to her father, she left from there on her own once more.

Shortly after she encountered an Imperial officer by the name of Mira Lexor, but strangely did not try to pickpocket her. Mira showed more kindness than Victoria's own family. Later on, she came across a woman that seemed to be oblivious to her surroundings. That woman happened to be Tara Alderson Palpatine, who wasn't happy when Victoria tried stealing her pouch. Yet, instead of turning Victoria to the authorities, she took Victoria in as her apprentice.

Training with Tara, Victoria has found out how powerful she really is and could be. Her master also helped her find the truth behind her mother's mysterious murder. The killer happened to be whom Victoria expected it to be- her father who is no longer living after meeting with him at Port Lansing this past year. She also found out her whole family line and was surprised to find out that her great-grandfather was in fact the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

After Port Lansing of 2001 the throne of Shardakour formally adopted Victoria. Tara offered for Victoria to take the Alderson name, she did so and dropped the family name of Syn.

In 2002, she found out that her Aunt had become attached to a Jedi student named Medenna. She plans on ways on how she can use the Jedi brat against her dear Aunt. Had her first mission, which was rescuing a handmaid by the name of M'Lissa. During Port Lansing of 2002, she had, on accident, come across the "Lexor Poison" during the Cantina Dance. Later that same weekend, she had had Octavia as a prisoner. Had beaten and hurt Octavia physically before returning her. Was contacted, and appeared before the Jedi Council as a hologram and was asked questions about Octavia's condition. Next day she was captured by the Alliance and thrown into a force-damping cell. Jedi Knight Kaliandra, while Victoria was in the cell, cured her from "Lexor's Poison" before her last five hours were up. Now has a greater hate for not only the Alliance, but also more now for the Jedi because of being saved by one.

Later on in the year of 2002, she meets Kiefer'r, who tries to interests her in something that she later discovers as the Cult. Around October, Victoria is captured by Constance and given to the Cult who brainwashed her for two months. Wasn't rescued until the end of the month of December. Victoria, upon arriving on Shardakour, after healing, started drugging guards under the drug that the Cult had given her.

In April/May of 2003 when she tried giving the will-reducing drug to Nyssa, Nyssa had gone to Tara and asked her what was going on…naturally busting Victoria's cover. Tara was able to wash out the influence of the drug in Victoria's system. And she was taken to medical. During her stay in medical, Octavia visited her and they had a long talk and caught up. By the time Octavia left, Victoria had forgiven her and they made nice.

She healed enough to be able to go to Port Lansing of 2003 where she had a bounty on her head. Was captured late on Sunday evening and held.

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