Captain Sebastian Ali Roark, alias "The White Beard."

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Physical Description

Race: Tasmanian Homeworld: Planet Tasmania in the Hobart system
Age: 51 Profession: Smuggler/Privateer Captain with crew for Hire
Height: 5.503 meters Weight: 81.647 kilograms
Hair: White Eyes: Black

Personal Information

Marital Status: Too many to name and forgot half of them
Spouse's name: I call 'em all "Spitfire."
Children: none that I claim legally.

Mother: Arnella Eddington
Father: Lord Rory Falsworth

Education: Trained as a Medical Doctor before he was accused of aiding a
member of the Rebel Alliance.  He was sold as a slave after going on the
"lam" from the Empire and then learned the slave trade after he slew his

Military History:
Force Training: None Rank: Unknown at present
Status: Unknown at present
Master's Name: The Open Space Lanes, kidding. Army: Unknown at present
Light or Dark: N/A
Branch: N/A

Psychological Description

IQ: 154
Fears: Living to an old age.
Special Abilities: Fast blaster draw, almost impervious to alcohol.

Temperament: Quoting the good captain, "Any notion that a woman's mind is
nobler, purer, higher, more decent cleaner or anything else gentler or
superior to a man's is pure delusion."

Likes: A free life and the strong solar wind of a star at my back.

Dislikes: The law, any law either Alliance, or Imperial.

Pet Peeves: Anyone who is disloyal and treacherous, because the good
captain lives by his word that anyone who signs on with his crew gets
a share equal to that of the captain.

Goals in Life: My dream of happiness is a quiet spot by a seashore
looking out at the activity in the ocean, hearing the wind sob with
the beauty and the tragedy of everything.  Looking out over nine
miles of ocean, hearing some happy laughter near-by.  Sitting under a
Calamarian almond tree, with the leaf spread over me like an

Favorite Color: platinum or gold
Drink: Corellian Rum or anything that keeps him from sobriety
Pastime: Anything not nailed down.
Food: Leg of mutton
Hobbies: Throat cutting

Personal History: Commands the "Calico Star" a Corellian Modified
Corvette with his current first mate Ikara Javan.  He and his first
mate had been in the smuggling trade before switching to piracy.
They are currently scheming on ways to advance their positions and
decrease those of others.  More will follow with updates after his
story unfolds; there is more than meets the eye behind both captain
and first mate.  The Calico Star also has a very competent "slicer"
named C'Mos Heln aboard for some time now.  C'Mos has helped Roark
and Javan crack Civilian, Imperial and Rebel computer codes to help
with their heists.  She is considered the "Entry or Back Doorman."

Name of Player: Ron Wilcoxen
Address: P.O. Box 352814
Toledo, Ohio 43635-2814

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