Xanatos Du'Cruet

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Player: Ginna Wilcoxen

Physical Description

Race: Telosian (human) Homeworld: Telos

Age: mid 30's Profession: Businessman, ruler of Telos

Height: 6' Weight: 190

Hair: Jet Black Eyes: Intense deep Blue

Current Position: Chairman and leader of Off World

Personal Information

Marital Status: Engaged

Spouse's name: fiancée Christine

Children: none from this time line

Mother: Unknown

Father: Crion (deceased)

Siblings: None

Education: Formal, trained in business as well as in the Jedi arts





Force Training: Yes Military History: n/a

Master's Name: Qui-Gon Jinn Rank:

Light or Dark: Dark Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: Very Very High Fears: Failure

Special Abilities: Has the ability to learn any subject quickly, skilled with a lightsaber and has a head for business.

Temperament: Hot headed, especially if he doesn't get what he wants.

Likes: Sword practice, pushing people's buttons.

Dislikes: the Jedi

Pet Peeves: Being controlled, not having control of a situation.

Goals in Life: To be the best businessman he can, and
to bring Telos under his control. His goal of making Qui-Gon pay for the
death of his father has passed so he has turned his attention to
Qui-Gon's granddaughter and to destroying her.


Favorite Color: Black Drink: Telosian Wine

Pastime: Studing Food: all

Hobbies: Playing mind games with Jedi and others,
making sure he has the upper hand in everything.



Personal History:


Even thought Xanatos was Qui-Gon Jinn's second apprentice, his betrayal and turning to the Dark Side has caused him to be labeled Qui-Gon's first padawan.

When Qui-Gon discovered that Xanatos has Force ability he convinced Crion, Xanatos' father to send him to the temple to be trained, even though Xanatos was already in his teens.

Excelling in everything he did, Xanatos still had trouble in not taunting the other Jedi students of his background and wealth. Yoda sent Qui-Gon and Xanatos on a mission to Telos to investigate the rumors that Telos was going to war with its neighboring planet. Once there Crion, convinced Xanatos that he should have never let him go with the Jedi and convinced him to help take control of Telos, showing him all the riches he could have.

Xanatos sided with his father and when Qui-Gon discovered what Crion was planning, he exposed his plans causing a civil war on Telos and the people uprising against Crion. It was Qui-Gon who delivered the death blow to Crion while Xanatos watched. Enraged Xanatos picked up the ring his father was wearing and burned the symbol of a broken circle on his right cheek and swore that Qui-Gon would pay for his crimes one day.

In a final battle with Qui-Gon and his apprentice Obi-Wan, Xanatos was pushed into a lake of acid and believed dead. Using the dark side of the Force Xanatos survived and was placed in cryo freeze to heal. There he laid for many years. Until he was discovered by Mira Lexor, his granddaughter.

Using Mira's knowledge, Xanatos had a lab moved to Arridor for reasons to expand his power, There he captured Alida D'med and Octavia Jinn. Experimenting and torturing them for his own ends. Mira was trying to find a way to help his DNA breakdown from the freezing.

Once awaken, Xanatos wasted no time in putting Mira Lexor under his control and finding out what of his previous holdings were left as well as the status of his mining company called Off World. Upon discovering that Qui-Gon Jinn had a granddaughter, Octavia he turned his sights upon her swearing to make her pay for the crimes of her grandfather.

After the poisoning incident on Arridor, Xanatos and Mira found themselves wanted by both Alliance and Empire. Advising Mira they needed to split up and regroup later. He escaped where Mira was arrested. Heading back to Telos to hide any evidence of his weakness he was attacked by Tara Alderson, and taken as her prisoner. Only the Alliance arrived and took possession of him.

Xanatos remained in the Alliance's hands for a number of weeks. While in Alliance custody he learned of Mira Lexor's death, and though he doesn't believe it, he also cannot sense the forced link he had with her. While awaiting trail guards came and then Xanatos discovered he had been released into Tara Alderson's custody. There he discovered what it felt like to be left with little option in what he decided. Resistant at first, Xanatos has since found benefits in being Tara's ally. Once again Telos is under his control and Off World is prospering. He is also expecting his first child by Christine.

His one time partner and lover Mikala Volaris has sworn to destroy him because she viewed his taking Christine as scorning what she had to offer him, though Xanatos stated he wanted both women in his life.

Learning of Mikala's attack on the Crion and the cargo he prized so highly (the corpses of Stratus Jinn and Jedi Master Tahl) he regrets at ever having saved Mikala's life and will not allow her to take anything he values again. This split, though he doesn't understand Mikala's attitude has made them enemies at least for now. Xanatos swears if anyone dies from this it will be Mikala and Mikala alone.

Xanatos still has yet to produce proof that he didn’t have anything to do with the release of the poison on Arridor, and that even though he left vials out, he did not order the poison to be released.

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