Yahr of Zeltros


PLAYER: Season Irwin

NAME:  Yahr of Zeltros, from SouthWest Sector, Secluded Glades.

GENDER:  Male     
AGE:  25 standard years     
RACE:  Zeltron    

MILITARY DIVISION:  Mercenary Guild - no other affiliation

6' tall, muscular.  Shoulder length wavy red hair, red skin and
eyes.  Has a disarming, playful smile.  Handsome and rugged, strong
build.  Wears blue most of the time, and dresses stylishly - rather
like a pirate of old times.  Has a rather brassy accent from the
SouthWest of Zeltros that is very attractive.  BEHAVIOR:  Amiable and
outgoing, but not overly chatty.  Brazen bravery.  Has a zany, wicked
sense of humor.  Quite a playful personality.  Very outwardly
romantic.  Has the characteristic of smiling delightedly when very
angry.  Can be found dancing often, doing acrobatic stunts, and
romancing the ladies.  Laughs a lot.  When necessary can become very,
very tough.  

Left Zeltros at age 21 with his best buddy Mortehn to see the galaxy
and go into their own mech buisiness.  Joined with Dani when Mortehn
and he were asked to become her private mechs and working partners
six months ago.  Was a tumbling artist back on Zeltros.  

Exceptional dancer and acrobat.  Is good with a blaster or blast
rifle.  A skilled tailor - makes everything he wears.  Good mech.
Good pilot.  Sings well.  Uses his zany wit to get himself and others
out of scrapes with the law.  Teamed up with his friend Mortehn's
silver tongue, this usually works!  WEAPONS:  A sawed-off storm
trooper blast rifle.  

Solitary confinement.  Spiders and creepy-crawlies.  Being seperated
from his crew partners.

Alien beings of all types.  Good food, wine, comfortable living.
Ladies of the whole galaxy!  Serving and being attentive to the needs
and desires of a lady or ladies.  Laughing and joking, singing with
his buddies for the ladies.  Practicing his acrobatic stunts on
Mortehn and Trehvor in almost any setting.  Creating a new emsemble
to wear.  

Creepy-crawlies.  Rudeness.  People who are not accomodating.  Being
deprived of female company.  Losing his sewing or mech tools.  
[ Resembles a young Mel Gibson.  ] 

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