System Description
Sun:	Ariset
Sun Type: G4
Position:	Fourth of 11
Moons:	1
Astronomical Anomalies: None

Places of Interest:

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2 ______________
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4 ______________
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10 ______________

Planetary Description

Location:	N/A

Sector:	Zoron

Climate:	Temperate

Tech Level: High end of Imperial standard.

Major Exports: Government, Culture, Educa­tion, Finance.

Major Imports: Food, Taxes.

Government:	Elected, secret Sith control.

Religion:	Many

Loyalties:	lmperial

Population:	10,000,000,000

Planetary History:

Zoron is one of the oldest planets in the Empire. It was first settled before the beginning of the Republic. It takes its name, those of its continents and many of its cities from its early Royal Family, the Zorai, now long extinct. In this period it was the dominant commercial world in what is now the Zoron Sector.

When the Republic was formed Zoron became the subcapital for its section of the Galaxy, a position that it has held ever since.

Zoron also boasts one of the original Jedi chapterhouses. The chapterhouse and the chapters archives are now in Sith hands.

Since the beginning of the Republic, Zorons history has been that of
the Sector. It has always been an important political, cultural,
educational, and economic center.

Several universities with galaxywide reputations grew up: Zoron,
Zorchester and Zorminster being the most important.

Generations passed. The Republic declined. The Jedi fell into the
trap of quietism.

Palpatine and Vader destroyed the Republic and put the Empire in its

Even before the coup, Palpatine sent an ex-Jedi named Koross to be his Regent in the Zoron Sector. Lord Koross continues to hold this position today. He is assisted by his daughter, Lady Cassandra, and her husband, Lord Taras.

Koross has pursued a policy of making Zoron the intellectual capital of the Empire. To this end he has supported the universities and allowed greater freedom of speech than is usual in the Empire. It is rumored that Imperial Security has been forbidden to set foot on the campus of the University of Zoron.

Koross has also heavily fortified the system. There are six orbital
defense platforms, each mounting five ion cannons. He has built major
Imperial naval bases on the moons of the Jovian planets. Jaldor is an
operating base, Xivas moons house an Imperial navy yard, While the
outer planet Motar is dedicated to system defense.

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