Who's Who Who in the Corporate Sector

Your complete guide to locating those much needed and valuable services.
Quick Efficient and Friendly, the Corporate Sector Authority.

CorporationCharacterServices ProvidedOOC Name
Arquilla Labs??????????Terri Ruwe
Black Phoenix CorporationSonya Wells CEOIndustrial HoldingsLeslie Dannenberger
Casino Royale?????Come relax, enjoy, gamble, watch showsArmand Banooni
Drayzen IndustriesMieke J. RichardsSecurity Technology. The best in defense systemsDora Furlong
Galactic EmporiumMiles RichmondLow Cost Goods. Anything from weapons to rare gems.
If you want it we'll let you have it.
Armand Banooni
Mall WorldUnknownShops Galore. An entire world full of shops.
Frequented by Pricess Azarra.
PetsRUsMildred WallingfordPets of all types for all beingsLady Viper
Sidrat EnterprisesFixerAdvanced Security TechnologyPatrick Furlong

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