In-character Divisions within FoE

Personas are generally created to fit into one of the several divisions in the club, some representing the Factions from the Star Wars Trilogy, and others that have developed within the club:
[IMP LOGO] The Empire: Need we say more?

[REB LOGO] The Alliance: Not so much the Rebels of old. Now an established government trying to set up the New Republic, and at the same time fend off the Empire.

[MERC LOGO] The Mercenaries: Scum and villainy of all sorts.

[DIPLO LOGO] The Diplomatic Corps: Trying to bring peace in our time - yeah, right.

The Press Corps: Covering the mayhem!

You can create your persona specifically for a division, or once you get into the club, you can role-play having your character join a division. If you are not a "joiner" well then, you are a Merc. The catch all division.

Once you join a division, and make contact with the Division head, you will be sent information on how that division works. Divisional addresses will be sent to you when you join the club. You will also have to set up where your character fits into the division you joined.

Don't make a rush decision. Think about what division you will have fun it. Talk to the Division head, and others in that division. Take your time. And, hey, if you don't like a division, you can always defect to another.

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Last Updated:
Wed Jul 11 2001