Forces Of the Empire: Imperial


  1. All new personas must be registered with the Division Leader before being used in roleplay.

  2. All personas of new members, whether military, civilian, or Sith, must start out at the bottom rank of the appropriate rank system. No exceptions. Promotions are gained by submitting stories, articles, artwork, etc. to the division section of the club newsletter/zine, Bound By The Force, as well as time in the division.

  3. All new personas of members who have been in the club for two years or more will begin at the bottom rank of the appropriate rank system. If the member feels that a higher initial rank is required for roleplay purposes, he/she may consult with the Division Leader for the purpose of obtaining a brevet rank for the new persona.

    NOTE: A brevet rank is one where the necessary promotion points have not been earned prior to the granting of the higher rank. Further promotions cannot take place until the member has earned enough points to make the brevet rank permanent.

  4. No Force user, under any circumstances, is as powerful as either Darth Vader or the Emperor.

  5. No rank system in any book or non-club web site is valid within this division, only that authorized by the Division Leader.

  6. A new member may not play a character from either one of the movies or the books. After the third year of membership, any member who wishes to play a book or movie character must obtain the permission of the Galactic Council in order to do so.

  7. Questions or requests for assistance in starting and/or developing one's persona may be directed to the Division Leader.

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