Forces Of the Empire: Imperial Promotion Points Page

The Imperial Division has Three System in which you can apply your your promotion points towards:

For the Sith System, the stories, poems, limericks, transmissions, etc. must be Sith-oriented, showing that the character is using Dark Side powers to accomplish his/her purposes. The Sith are designed to be Palpatine's force using shock troops, whose purpose is to bully the population into doing the Emperor^s bidding by coercion of the physical as well as the occult variety. Terri is currently working on a list of graded Force powers for the Sith Academy.

For the Civilian System, submissions must show without a doubt that the character is in the service of the Empire. This could be ratting on your subversive neighbors, fulfilling a contract to the Imperial military, inventing something of use to the Empire, research, etc. One does not need to be a Force-user to rule a city, planet or sector, however, any Imperial-aligned sovereign must yield to military or higher authority.


Points Earned Activity
2 For each Imperial transmission in the Galactic Communications Section.
5 For each peice of artwork sent to the newsletter editor.
5 For each puzzle, limerick, poem, joke or filk sent to the Imperial Division Leader for the newsletter.
5 For each 2-3 page story or article.
7 For each 4-5 page story or article.
10 For each 8 or more page story or article to be published in two parts or more.
10 For each updated character bio sent to the Imperial Division Leader.
10 For each character your persona converts to Imperial service/Dark Side. This only applies if the character remains loyal for one yearand is active in roleplay.
15 For each year of Imperial membership.
25 For each new member you recruit to the club - have the person name you as their recruiter.
25 For creating a new Imperial costume.

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