Guide to the Ship Bio Form

Craft: is the manufacturer/Make
Type: is the type light cruiser, luxury yacht, etc...

Crew: How many people does it take to run the ship
Troops: How many troops does the ship carry if any

Ship Layout: Include information about medical bay, crew and guest cabins, how many decks, workout areas, etc.

Also include any exterior information such as unrepaired damage, hull integrity.

Modifications: Include information about the computer, is there an AI, cipher decoders, full holo-rig, etc...What has been done to the ship that is not standard from the manufacturer. Smuggler cargo bays?

Manueverability: How does the ship manuever in space vs the atmosphere.

Ship History and Background: How did you acquire the ship, are there any citations or warrants out on the ship, If so by whom. Has the ship been completely refit?

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