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Envelopes at Media West

For folks who will be attending their first media west con or are relatively new to the event, this is an explanation of how the envelopes placed out and about the hotel work over the weekend.

We begin the weekend on Friday morning, about 10 AM by placing envelopes out and about the hotel marked with the FoE logo.

There will be no further envelopes placed out in the hotel once the Blaster Battle has ended.

These envelopes do give, or take away, points to the side turning them in to the judge.

These envelopes contain clues and hints to the overall story line effecting the blaster battle and the skirmish. They may point you to another character or in the general direction of say the Imperials....that someone on that side has information. They may say a sith has or a military officer has information....

This is designed to assist you in finding out which character it may be that has the information.

The goal is to assist in Role-Play throughout the weekend and allow for more character interaction.

How do they work:

These envelopes will say something like Avon's hidden ship... Piloting 5.

What does that mean...it means that you must have the skill of piloting at a 5 or greater to pick up that envelope then take it to a judge: Patrick Furlong, Joe Doerfner, or Myself.

You might also see ones like: Intercepted Message: Communications 3 or Cryptography 4. This means either the skill communications at a 3 or the skill cryptography at 4 will allow you or someone on your team to pick up this envelope.

The final type of envelope may require you to have two skills in conjunction say Droid Repair Shop: Spy 2, droids 3

So here you must have both skills at the specified level.


Question: What if I find the envelope, but do not have the skill or have it high enough to obtain it?

Answer: Go and find someone on your team that is In Character and ask if they have the skill. When you find the person, return to the envelope collect it and get it to a judge.

Question: What if I don't have both skills required?

Answer: If the envelope requires two skills they may be distributed between characters working in collaboration to obtain the envelope.

Please keep in mind that once you have picked up that envelop you must remain In Character as the character that picked up the envelope until it is relinquished to another character or turned in to a judge.

Capturing Envelopes:

While these envelopes are outside of the skirmish and the blaster battle, they are capturable. Same rules apply for capturing an envelope with skills outside of the BB as they do inside the BB or the Skirmish.

Guarding Envelopes:

Question: I have found an envelope and am with a team of four, I don't want the enemy to get their hands on it, can I place guards in the vicinity?

Answer: Yes...you may place guards on the envelope as long as they do not obstruct the normal traffic of the hotel and they must remain In Character while either in the vicinity or actually guarding the envelope. It is not required that they stand on top of the envelope thus bringing attention to it. They can sit in a chair across from it and watch the area....however, they *must* be IC the entire time.

If you have any further questions please feel free to e-mail me or patrick.