FoE: Force Users Battle

This year the Force Users battle will occurr Friday Afternoon at 4:00 PM in the Cantina.

This year we will be using different stats for the Force Users Battle.

The points used for the force users battle will be similiar to normal character creation. The differences: We will be using only Force and Combat skills and the Point Base will begin with 20 instead of 17 points. Each year played after that will receive one additional point as set down by the General Blaster Battle Rules.

Example Force Users Battle: First Year Force User, 20 points

Mind Rank: 4
Light Saber: 3
Hand to Hand: 3

Telekinesis: 3
Mind Probe: 5
Pyro: 2

Dowload character sheets here as a word doc or as a pdf
Download Force Skills here as a word doc or as a pdf

You will need the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf files.

Creating a Character:

Points: There will be a total pool of 20 points to cover all skills and attributes. You will receive one point for each year youve played a character. So a character that is new has 20 points and a character played for two years will have 22 points. You get your point after the con, so if this is the start of your third year , you have played for 2 years and have 19 points

Skill Maximums: A first year character will be able to put a maximum of 5 points in any skill or attribute. For each year the character has been played the maximum goes up by one. So a character played for one year has a maximum of 6, two years 7 and so on. No skill or attribute can be higher than the maximum for the number of years that character has been played. Again, your maximum goes up after the con so if this is the start of your third year, your skill maximums are 7.

Skills: You must put at least one point into Mind Rank. You MUST also pick at least two Force to put some points into even if it's only one point. We do this to force characters to be a little well rounded (see below). Other than that you can distribute points however you want as long as you don't pass the maximums.

Long Time Characters:

Characters that have been played for more than 8 years will not get a point every year after their eight year, they will get a point every two years. That means that when a character has been played for eight years and has 28 points, they will no longer progress as fast. In that character's ninth year they will not get a point, and in their tenth year they will get a point. They will get a point in their 12th year, 14th year, and so on. So a character at 8 years has 28 points, that same character will have 28 points in their 9th year, 29 points in their tenth year, 30 points in their 12th year, and so on.

People who are playing long time characters older than 8 years MUST RECALCULATE YOUR POINTS. You will loose points, and I'm sorry about that, but we need to do something about the younger characters getting squashed all the time. If you have an old character please recalculate. We didn't want to go with the option of freezing points at a certain level and this was the best idea we had.

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