Forces Of the Empire

Imperial Division Policies

Point policy for returning members of FoE

When a member resigns from Forces of the Empire, the promotion points the departing member has accumulated will be held for them for a period of two years. After this period, the points will become null and void, and the returning member will have to start from scratch in the accumulation of points.

Cloning policy

In September of 1999, the following policy was implemented by the Imperial Division (printed in BBTF #93): Only the Emperor is allowed to possess and use cloning equipment. The in-character reason is that certain Imperials performed an unauthorized cloning for purposes of their own. The resultant chaos caused by this operation enraged Palpatine. He used the Force, as well as his Intelligence agents, to locate all cloning facilities, no matter how small, and then sent his armed forces to these cloning facilities to shut then down, destroy their equipment, and execute any of their personnel that the troops found there (most of them did not have time to run).

Out of character, the scenario I just mentioned caused strife between two club members, as well as causing fears among certain division members of another "cloning craze", such as one that had happened a few years earlier. Since allowing such easy access to cloning facilities is definitely out of character for the Emperor, I created this policy, which I then had approved by the then-club President and Roleplay Coordinator and then implemented.

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