F.O.E. Pre-Historical Timeline


This is the history of the Old Republic and it's transition to the Empire as put forth in our bios. It is our hope that people will be interested in expanding their roleplay on the basis of this information, or if nothing else find it useful as a reference.
Whereas there were inconsistencies in dating of such events as the movie events and the Clone Wars, most bios seem to 'date' the movie events to 1977 [Year -18], 1980 [Year -15], and 1983 [Year -12]. Events in the bios that are specifically related to a certain event such as the destruction of the Death Star I are put with the entry labelled Battle of Yavin. All other events have been dated based on the time descriptions used in the latest version of that character's bio, adjusted from the year in which it was printed or received. Dates as in "11 years ago..." were assigned on that basis. It is assumed that personnas were usually 18 upon entering the Academy, and that it took 4 years to graduate. Currently year 0 is "95", or 1995.

The transition from "Senator" Palpatine to "Emperor" Palpatine seems by general consensus to have occurred 35-40 years ago and follows a pattern of acquiring friends and allies through charisma or deeds or marriage. After he had the throne, his politically motivated marriage ended with her death by plague. Problems arose with his children hence his dynasty, and he began to collect other Force Sensitive children raising them as possible replacement heirs for his biological children. As hope for a reconciliation between father and son dwindled and his daughter disappeared [presumed dead], the Emperor conceived another daughter, one last hope.

The Clone Wars were difficult to date as they fluctuate wildly according to the bio in question. Generally, they seem to have occurred either just before, during, or immediately after the transition from Senator to Emperor Palpatine, and it was decided that the discrepancy refers to a series of Clone Wars, each reference being a resurgence of the conflict which although "won", was perhaps not yet over since years later there are still references to officers fighting in the Clone Wars.

The Purge usually referred to as "The Purge" seems to have begun when Palpatine first began maneuvering for position and power, and expanded to include the Jedi Knights just before or just after the ascension of Palpatine and before or after the Clone Wars depending on the bio. Jedi were actively hunted starting at approximately 35 to 45 years ago, a process continuing unabated to present times. There was a previous Purge however, that was brought about due to the excesses of Rikonis Vader-Rividh's great-grandfather, Kezra Nishar.

Not all events were able to be included as there was not always enough information in the bio to assign a date to an event.

Old Republic

Several thousand years ago a worldship of the star wanderers known as the Forerunners or Sojourners crashes on Lasloriine. Long lived and skilled Force-users, they disappeared from the galaxy long ago and are only remembered in spacers legends.

The Krath, a cult of Dark Side users who challenged the Jedi Knights 4000 years ago, were defeated and never heard from again until recently.

Zoron, one of the oldest planets in the Empire, was first settled before the beginning of the Republic. It takes its name, those of its continents and many of its cities from its early Royal Family, the Zorai, now long extinct. It was the dominant commercial world in what is now the Zoron Sector. When the Republic was formed Zoron became the subcapital for its section of the Galaxy. Zoron also boasts one of the original Jedi chapterhouses.

A Visayas offshoot, Aretain pirates go to the Southern Continent of Ilnaris about a thousand years ago and settled on a peninsula near the Dornar.

Draken was part of the Rim Association but since contact was so sporadic the Cluster's existence faded to a half-forgotten legend in the Empire.

Shandalay was colonized by farmers from Alderaan 500 years before the Rebellion began. Shandalay Academy was built shortly thereafter to educate locals; within a century it was considered one of the best universities in the galaxy.

Torion was first settled near the middle of the Republic period. Originally planned as an agricultural colony, Torion started life with more capital than was required and quickly developed a large and successful light industry.

Mandalore' Shocktroopers and Death Watch units later are part of the basis of the Imperial Royal Guard]

Three hundred years ago the Old Republic settled Pergitory. As the Republic prioritized, it was forgotten and regressed to archaic technology.

Two centuries back Jedi tried to wipe out the Iskandaaran Sovhrada sect as being "heretics".

Old Republic establishes Alpha VII as an experiment in dealing with prison overcrowding, a military penitentary world where criminals were kept.

Iccora is in the Solas System, Calforan Sector and has a rich history of involvement with the Old Republic and Empire. A major trade center. The Royal aristocracy [House of Debor] declines in favor after they ally with the Emperor.

[The Great Plague of 287/10 killed so many Force-users that there weren't many teachers left, leaving a lot of half-trained immature Force-users around. A lot more Sith joined the aristocracy in the years following the Plague.]

Pre-Empire and Empire

-104 Calia Br'yl born.
-100 Jaffyd Rhys, a Vbarryan Jedi, crashes, finds a colony of Forerunners and begets a daughter. The planet's location is removed from his mind when he leaves.
-82 Stanis Br'yl born to Calia.
-80 Lord Koross born. Nothing is known of his past. Before Clone Wars he was a Jedi.
-77 Ven Aca born.
-76 Jaelle Permon born on B'yss.
-75ish Joshua Darke is born.i
-74 Taurgimon born and raised orbiting an Old Republic Penal Colony world designated Alpha VII.
-72 Theopholus Fintch born.
-64 Gija Metieh born. [Lord Salvatore del Balaam born?]
-62 Maris Veramor, a Jedi, is born.
-60 Stanis Br'yl and Ryan Taerkos marry. Sara Nighthawk born.
-58 Vraxis Warthen born on Yavin.
-56 Taurgimon is accepted at the Jedi Academy on Coruscant. Daffyd Nightshade born. Marius Castan born [on Corellia].
-55 Bonita Lynne born.
-54 Theopholus goes to academy, began Force training. Dazh Hammingit born into prominent Coruscant banking family. Alanis Br'yl born.
-53 Frity R. Snowhawk born to a military family. Taurgimon's training subverted by Senator Palpatine.
-50 Theopholus graduates and goes to law school temporarily. Switches to the Republic Navy to avoid further Force training. As the Republic declined the Jedi fell into the trap of quietism. Senator Palpatine elected to the head seat of the Senate. Blames non-human influences as the sources of a conspiracy. A form of McCarthyism sets in and trials began.
-50ish FIRST CLONE WAR- During the Jedi debates on the crisis that led to the Clone Wars Koross and his mentor Ryalin Kai are leaders of the activist faction who favor Jedi intervention in Republic politics before the system collapses. Passivist faction led by Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi prevails and Koross falls under Senator Palpatine's influence, who had also urged intervention. Jedi Knight Joshua Darke serves as Chief technical advisor for the Jedi Forces in the Clone Wars and is a friend of Kenobi and Anakin. Grroften Raxillis spends 2 yrs pirate hunting in Kanolin System then is in the Outer Rim Territories hunting a man also being hunted by a group of Jedi. Works with them throughout the Clone Wars. Grroften and they drifted out of touch afterwards. Leanna Mattawa's paternal grandparents were star pilots during the Clone Wars.
-49 Senator Palpatine tours the Alderaan School of Medicine and saves the life of Lord Salvatore del Balaam, a young third year student there. Salvatore becomes one off the Emperor's first recruits and forms the first Third Circle, a group devoted to furthering the future Emperor's Rule by Fear.
-46 Ven Aca spots Mis Veramor at a Jedi Academy/camp and falls in love with her.
-45 Jarek Alderson born. Attended school on B'yss. While testing a hyperdrive, Joshua Darke is time jumped 40 years into the future. Three years after the Clone Wars Lord Salvatore del Balaam goes missing while hunting the Jedi DeVries. Darth Vader kills the first Third Circle members. Silennes Vader uses stolen DNA to create Rizen Haska, who is raised on Nysh IV as an orphan of the Clone Wars. Democracy declared on Shandalay; Calia Br'yl of the Br'yl family [former hereditary rulers of Shandalay] elected as High Chancellor. Zephyr born.
-44 Trinian Palpatine born of the Emperor's political marriage to an Iskandari princess.
-42 Sidra Roamstar, Bryna Kane, Maercella Karike, and Pol Aravos born.
-40plus Asher Belaronte is another early Sith Lord. He is made Governor of Valass and marries Princess Serris Suragar of Valass.
-41 Following a breakthrough in Force-damping technology, construction begins on A facility at Renssalear. Jedi at the Renssalaer Jedi "Registration" Death camp are experimented on and killed. The concentration camp is at its peak over the next few years. Kirienne Solo born and abandoned as an infant.
-40 Senator Palpatine takes the mother of his future daughter Anelis to the Drakken Cluster. Vraxis Warthen enters Republic Academy. Meets Nora [Rauss] Blazer while there. Becomes friends with Jedi Knights and Sen Palpatine. Palpatine was a senator wishing to see a truly ordered society. Owen Iridian, Michael Logan and Dr Tikaris born. Arsitta Kushone born and admitted to an orphanage.
-40ish By the time that Anakin Skywalker betrayed the Jedi Lord Koross was firmly established as one of Palpatine's closest lieutenants and a leader of the Sith. Luke and Leia born. Jordan Nile makes a mysterious run with a stop at Alderaan and then Tatooine where Kenobi stayed. She never saw him again even though it was rumored that they would marry. Senator Palpatine elected in an unprecedented third term and begins the Purge with Darth Vader as his right hand man. Theopholus Fintch forced to leave the service because of his Force ability, joins an underground movement to overthrow Palpatine. Once in power, Palpatine sends Lord Koross to the Zoron Sector as his Regent. The Jedi chapterhouse there and the chapter's archives are now in Sith hands.
-39 Ricia Targan, Maercella Karike and Licari Rividh, Aramis Adja born. Ricia's Jedi parents attempt to flee the Jedi Purge to Dagobah and are killed by the Sith. Ricia sent to Imperial orphanage and brainwashed.
-38 Catriat Aull and Felanna Palpatine born. -37 Tamiron of Colmar trains Pol Aravos somewhat in the Force. Bonita Lynne enters Academy as her brother graduates. Crimson Darknight admitted to the Child Welfare Agency on Tyvern. Prism Nighthawk, Kather Organa-State and Cynara Gijan Praxis born.
-36 Trinian Palpatine begins Sith training with Darth Vader. Vraxis Warthen graduates from the Academy and goes home. Defeats the marauding dragon and marries. Tarvi Sitorian born to Hirak Sitorian, head of one of the major communications networks.
35ish SECOND CLONE WAR- Theopholus Fintch goes into hiding on the Rim just before the Clone War begins and marries. Vraxis Warthen forms the Flight of Dragons during Clone wars and discovers Palpatine's duplicity. Pol Aravos studies tech with Nora Blazer. At end of Clone Wars Senator Palpatine begins massing his political and evil power. Lord Vordis' father is discharged from the Flight of Dragons during the Clone Wars for drunkeness. Vordis' mother at some point was rejected by the Jedi [with the Flight of Dragons?]. Xemit Force's parents killed in Clone Wars [he's born YR-35].
-35ish Karaden Sate Pestage appears. He has been by the Emperor's side almost since his accession. Grofften Raxillis realizes his Jedi friends are being killed one at a time by Darth Vader and after several failed assassination attempts is thrown in prison. He finds many fellow prisoners were imprisoned on the whim of the Emperor or for political reasons. Jaffyd Rhys, a Vbarryan Jedi, dies at the old age of 95. Stanis Br'yl elected as High Chancellor of Shandalay; Alanis Br'yl and Marius Castan meet. Jordan is born and raised in an orphanage on Varelttas. Princess Azarra and Lord Taras born. Dark Horizon commissioned as one of the new Enforcer-class Star Destroyers.
-35 Frity Snowhawk enters Republic Star Academy. Xemit Force, Kerellson Drew and Lord Vordis are born.
-34 Jaelle Permon-Lacramate's son Nekren born. Meridien Regis, Damar Omicron, Lord Kiril Oxtro, Rikonis Vader-Rividh, Sylviar Renn and Daniel Gevenner born.
-33 Bonita Lynne graduates from the Imperial Academy. Alanis Br'yl and Marius Castan marry. Jenfaera Aull, her twin Rothana Maire, and Princess Mirit ar Lincaet born. Salleh Bendri born after her father returns from what she later suspects is a Jedi school on Julitha IV. He becomes worried about the Purge. Orion Daniels born to a family of rebels.
-32 Doriann Arsein attends the Imperial Academy, seduces an admiral, the brother of Admiral Starker, and two years later makes off with his secrets, leaving him to be arrested by his brother and executed. Lord H.B. Damar, Tessa Walker, Princess Anrit ar Lincaet, Nicholas Trent, Morgan and Megan Nightshade born. Megan taken to the Empire.
-31 Frity Snowhawk graduates from Republic Star Academy and is sent to fight in Clone Wars. The Travenia Sith family disagrees with the Emperor's policy of Purging the Jedi and secretly work against it. A rival Sith family turn them in and all are hunted down and execute but Odessa, born and raised in secrecy with the P'Lorn monks. James Casselbury and E'n Fochs born. Cetiva Lasan born and raised a ward of the state. Lady Tianna Vader born and raised by foster parents after Vader killed her Jedi parents.
-30ish THIRD CLONE WAR OR CONTINUATION OF THE SECOND CLONE WAR- Frity Snowhawk distinguishes herself and is decorated several times. Wounded and given desk job as military consultant to the Senate. Became acquainted with Sen Palpatine and loyal ever since. The final uprising, a major ground action, occurs on Nysh IV and ends the Clone Wars. Silennes Vader goes missing at this time.
-30ish At the beginning of the Imperial period there was a rebel movement on Torion. This movement presented a slight threat to the Empire that was eliminated when the rebel leader, Logan Steelas, was killed five years before the Battle of Yavin. The Rebellion still has a foothold on Torion but it is little more than a debating society. -30 Felanna Palpatine's mother dies in an epidemic, leaving Felanna to be raised by her father. Nich Trent's mother dies on a mission for the Emperor. Frity Snowhawk turns her husband in to COMPNOR for treasonous words. He is never seen again. Cardan Nerise' parents are hunted down in the Purge. His mother gives birth and hides him just before her death. Castan Astrolabe founded [a starship design company]. After 18 months of searching, Taminar Rossi and a few other Jedi find Mirage. Two dozen Jedi go into hiding there. Lauren "Star" Jaidak, Riva Entropy and Ceri Snowhawk born. Princess Majadar Palpatine born to Emperor's elder brother. Emperor later has Maja raised at the Palace. Vir Darkhawk born to Vraxis Warthen and stolen by Emperor's spy.
-29 Bryna Kane accepted into Academy at age 13. Daniel Tarkanien, Wynn Barezz, Hyla Stormrider, Ro'Asha Br'yl-Castan, Jazceryne Calbison, Qasimir Stormraven Thorne and Arani Edel are born.
-28 Michael Logan, Zephyr and Rizen Haska enter Imperial Academy. Michael Logan foils rebel plot to bomb Cptn Metieh returning from Death Star. Aminta Starseeker and other Jedi fake their deaths and go into hiding together on Mirage to escape the Purge. The future Lady Cassandra Steele is raised at the Palace. Cynara Praxis denounces her father for murdering her mother but is not believed. Anrit engaged at age 4. Peggy Sue Death-Hawk found as an infant by gypsies at a Corellian starport. Peter Strick born on Tatooine. Kessan Lough born on B'yss, but raised in space. educated at the edge of the Capital sector. Dazh's first son is born.
-27i While looking for patterns in rebel terrorist activity, Bonita Lynne learns her brother and sister-in-law are rebel spies. The two defect to the Alliance. Kath Keirns, Kay Striker and Kit Stalker born to an Alderaanie Jedi Knight in hiding. Kit is sent away with friends, and the mother gives up the Force hoping the Purge will pass her by. At age 14, Kirienne Solo held and forced to watch as Imperial troops murder her foster father. Met real father soon after and he continues her Force training. A Force user, he had never completed his training because his master was killed by a Sith. Aretta Fariss born to Jedi mother in hiding. Kitara Nurell Starider born.
-26 Bryna Kane graduates early from the Academy. Dral Warthen born. -25ish When the Emperor began his search for potential Sith, Jarek was among the first 5 graduates from the Academy. Lord Jarek Alderson builds the first reeducation centers and is married.
-25 Emperor Palpatine visits the Drakken Cluster and impregnates the queen with his daughter Anelis. Hyla Stormrider's parents die in a pirate attack, sending her to an Imperial orphanage. Drake Rhinegold and Tak Dunne born. Tak escapes her planet's sun going nova and is raised by twin Jedi at Mos Eisley.
-24 Bryna Kane completes special services training. Dorian Janako lies abut his age and joins the Old Republic Training Academy. Spends two tours with the fleet before resigning due to the rise of Palpatine and accompanying military reorganization. Nolan Talsiir, Patrick Hawkwood and Maranis Br'yl-Castan born.
-23 Arsitta Kushone and Trinian Palpatine enter the Imperial Academy. Felanna Palpatine disappears and is thought dead. At the beginning of the Imperial period a rebel movement on Torion presented a slight threat to the Empire which was eliminated when the rebel leader, Logan Steelas, was killed, five years before the Battle of Yavin. Kirienne Solo's father killed when she is 18. She and Tylen become privateers. aramis Adja attends Shandalay School of Arts and Engineering [dual major]. Kather Organa State enters Royal Academy of Alderaan at 14. Maris Veramor captured and taken to Renssalear. Mirage Jedi pick up a message from her about Renssalear, and some leave with blanked memories.
-22 Dr. Tikaris studies at the Imperial Medical Institute. Maercella Karike's husband killed after being drafted into the Imperial Army. The Empire rediscovers the planet Pergitory and builds a spaceport to facilitate export of useful materials for the war effort. Leanna Mattawa born. Her father Daniel Mattawa later is vice-president of research for the Vantari Corporation and secretly works with scientists fleeing the Empire.
-21 Catriat Aull enters Fleet Academy. Sidra Roamstar and crew arrested when boarded by Imperials, caught with a cargo of weapons headed for a rebel base. Sent to Kessel. Aretta Fariss' parents thought killed by hunters, taken to Renssalear. A few months later Jedi from Mirage attack Renssalear. Several more Jedi ar brought to Mirage, including Aretta Fariss' father and baby brother. Summer Moonrider born. Her homeworld is taken over by the Empire. Summer's mother was a Jedi trained in the last days before the fall of the Republic and the Jedi Knights. Summer's grandparents are Jedi killed in the Purge by Vader.
-20 Arsitta Kushone expelled from the Academy as "undesirable", IE female. Crimson Darkknight enters Imperial Academy. Orion Daniels begins Force training with his father. Ven Aca uses genetic material from Maris Veramor at Renssalear to create a "mother" for his daughter Corion. Maris is executed. Aramis Adja graduates from Shandalay Academy, is drafted and goes to work on Death Star project.
-20ish Jordan enters Imperial Academy. Chosen for Vader's personal staff prior to graduation. Shortly thereafter loaned to Princess Azarra, becoming her Security Chief and pilot. Tarvi Sitorian is kidnapped by her mother and gets home to find her father has defected to the Alliance.
-19 Prism Nighthawk tries the Academy for a year. Lord H.B. Damar appears in the Empire fully trained and with the Emperor's favor. Aretta Fariss runs away to live on the streets. Ensign Octhopod born. Lilith Janus born on B'yss. Renssalear is closed.
-18 A NEW HOPE -Just before the battle, Lord Taras presented to Emperor by Lord Koross as Cassandra's consort. Made Sub-regent Zoron Sector. Watches battle of the Death Star from his Star Destroyer as rebels destroy Gija Metieh and Aramis Adja's masterpiece. The fathers of Lord Nicholas Trent, Lord Wynn Barezz, Britta Hara, and Riva Entropy die on the Death Star. Kiril Oxtro's brother dies leading a squad of TIE fighters. Kirienne Solo joins the Alliance right after battle. Taras and Cassandra rescue Vader. Riva Entropy's mother is found to have been a Rebel spy working for Bail Organa, partially responsible for theft of death star technical plans. Dral Warthen quits freespacing to join the Alliance. Lauren Jaidak's Force potential is activated by the destruction of Alderaan.
-18 After spending a few years as regional governor of Mandalore and Sovereign of Alderaan [a title created by the Emperor] Summer Moonrider's father attempts to defect and is punished by the Emperor. Arsitta Kushone steals a prototype X-wing and accidentally time jumps into the present. Dr Tikaris graduates from Imperial Medical Academy and teaches there for the next 15 years. Wynn Barezz and Tessa Walker enter the Imperial Academy early. Aretai overrun on Ilnaris. Samantha Connelly and Tara Alderson born.
-17 Drake Rhinegold's parents die, sending him to an Imperial Orphanage where he begins Sith training. Catriat Aull graduates with honors.
-16 Lord H.B Damar suffers a disgraceful failure attacking a rebel supply depot and falls from favor. Lord Alderson executes his wife for sending information to the Alliance. Daravik Kotewa joins the Alliance. Crimson Darkknight graduates in the top quarter of her class. Aretta Fariss is adopted by Glarianna, an old Jedi on the run. Darth Vader hunts down and kills Danna Starsinger's Jedi grandmother/teacher. Kyle Tremas' parents are killed in a failed planetary revolt, squashed a month later by the Empire. Nekren Permon-Lacramate goes to secondary school on B'yss. His mother Jaelle takes up coding. Within a few years an Imperial "research" team notices and visits her.
-15 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Daravik Kotewa learns just before the attack her parents were killed by Alliance underground bombing of the Kotewa medical clinic. Daravik dishonorably discharged after Hoth evacuation. Catriat Aull provides combat support in communications. Michael Logan one of the Blizzard troopers. Dral Warthen is an evac casualty on Hoth. Dorion Janako loses his job as a security officer on Bespin after Cloud City is taken over by Darth Vader.
-15 Morgan Nightshade's Jedi mother killed by Imperial soldiers while her father Daffyd is captured [spending the next 12 years in prison]. Morgan joins Rebellion. While training as a Red Guard, Megan Nightshade seduces her uncle and becomes pregnant. Crimson Darknight enters Imperial Medical Academy. Lilith Janus turns in her parents for anti-Imperial remarks. Sidra Roamstar co-pilots for Captain Deak Stone on the High Spirit. Worked with him for the next ten years. Princess Azarra negotiates her first settlement between the fabric merchants of Ssalb and a group of Corellian importers. Damar Omicron enters Imperial Military Academy. Rikonis Vader-Rividh packed off to Academy by relatives. Imperials take over Ilnaris. The Ilnaran governments cooperate [particularly the Dornarians], but most quietly work against the Empire. Cynara Praxis' father dies in a bio-weapons accident, leaving her in control of his corporation. The Emperor orders the creation of Kin Hurn and three other clo nes identical to him. Orion Daniels' father [a rebel officer] dies, he joins his brothers in the Alliance.
-14 The first annual Port Lansing gathering occurs. Licari Rividh defects to the Alliance and begins training as a Jedi. Darth Vader finds Lady Tianna and trains her as a Sith. She attends the Academy as well. Lord Nicholas Trent begins travelling the galaxy acquiring information for Imperial Intelligence. Mirit ar Lincaet arrested for theft, joins the Imperial Army to avoid prison. Danna Starsinger joins a rebel cell while in an Imperial orphanage.
-13 RETURN OF THE JEDI. Lord Taras, Lady Cassandra and Mara Jade are in hiding at Jabba's Court fulfilling various missions for the Emperor. Peter Strick watches from a dune the end of his personal quest as Jabba's sail barge explodes. James Casselbury is transferred from the Executor two weeks prior to the Battle of Endor. His parents remain and die with the Executor. Lord Nicholas Trent's only brother dies on Endor when the Defense Shield is destroyed. Michael Logan breaks up the Bothan rebel spy ring. Lord Taras and Lady Cassandra participated in the battle over Endor. Dral Warthen takes part on a blockade runner. Ceri Snowhawk flies in the battle as a pilot. Her husband flies an A-wing and dies attacking the Death Star. Mara Jade, out of work, joins Talon Karrde's organization. After battle, Silverflight formed and Kirienne Solo begins formal Jedi training.
-13 Jenfaera Aull, Rothana Maire and E'n Fochs enter the Academy. Maercella leaves Fharel to travel the galaxy. Ceri Snowhawk transfers to Ground Forces. Lord Vordis graduates from Chronos University, kills his father with the Force for murdering his mother and enters the Academy where Mara Jade is one of his teachers. James Casselbury enters the Imperial Security Academy.
-12 Trinian Palpatine made Governor of Iskander. Rikonis Vader-Rividh leaves Academy after crashing a "borrowed" TIE. Flies security for Imperial privateers raiding rebel arms shipments in the Rim Territories, disrupting or destroying 19 major rebel operations thru his intelligence gathering. Ceri Snowhawk and Lauren Jaidak go to the Academy. Anrit ar Lincaet gives birth to her son Mayer, decides not to marry the father. Arani Adja attends Shandalay Academy, majoring in Sociology.
-11 Daniel Tarkanien and Ne'dege attend Imperial Space Academy. Qasimir Stormraven Thorne attends the Academy briefly. Damar Omicron graduates from the Imperial Military Academy. Kay Striker watches as her Jedi in hiding mother is impaled on a lightsaber and dies. Anrit ar Lincaet begins working at the Diplomatic Embassy. Cardan Nerise leave the P'Lorn Monastary and goes to study at the Jedi temples of Zoric.
-10 Michael Logan defuses a bomb at his father's retirement party saving his father and the Emperor. Selected for the Imperial Guard. Catriat Aull participates in several commando missions and is assigned to Imperial Intelligence Assassination branch. Lord Lough and Kyle Tremas enter Academy. Hyla Stormrider and Drake Rhinegold find a book of Jedi teachings in a hidden complex. Hyla is re-educated as a consequence.
-9 Lord Nicholas Trent formally made an undercover officer for Imperial Intelligence. Jenfaera Aull and Rothana Maire graduate. Rothana marries shortly after graduation. Riva Entropy enters Academy and rooms with Kay Striker 4 years. Ceri Snowhawk expelled by Emperor from Academy for unknown reasons. Her father's planet, Fabrini, is 'depopulated'. Kay meets and marries Brital Striker, a rebel spy, who is found out and horribly executed. Lauren Jaidak leaves the Academy before completing it. Alanis Br'yl elected High Chancellor of Shandalay. She is also an Imperial Senator. Arani Adja meets her future husband.
-8 Morgan Nightshade marries Roger Sands. Lady Tianna Vader graduates from the Academy. Lord Lough removed from the Academy when his Force talent is detected. Emperor orders him trained by Darth Vader. Ro-asha Br'yl Castan begins her diplomatic career as Ambassador of Shandalay. Jaelle's son returns from military school for his father's funeral. Stays 5 years. Three years later he is charged with high treason and executed. Arani Adja graduates, drafted to Imperial Intelligence. -7 Xemit Force's uncle and the rebel cell he was in are wiped out by Imperial attack. Aretta's foster mother is murdered by Dark Hunters. Anrit ar Lincaet becomes Princess Azarra's aide. Aramis Adja marries Arani Edel.
-6 Luke Skywalker tells Kirienne Solo she is a Jedi Knight.
-4 Aramis Adja assigned to Enigma Station, a tope secret Imperial R&D facility.
-2 Renssalear rehab begins. It is thought that Renssalear was reactivated in order to dispose of a Rim faction of non-Alliance Jedi. Kitara Starider's husband is executed by the Empire after a failed smuggling "negotiation". Took her prisoner but she escaped.

Uncollated Information

Vraxis Warthen-[58 not 48?]-Goes on mission for folding republic and is caught by Asher and jailed. [Dral was young at the time but not that young, Republic was long gone by then]. Asher was still a loyal Sith but sometime afterwards turned to the Light and defected.
Dral Warthen-26-enrolled in Imp academy when old enough. mother dies Junior year and he leaves the academy. Did mercenary and free spacer work till the destruction of the first Death Star [at about age 8].
Kassar Revvel-40+- entered Academy for two years. assigned to ISD Ravenous and then goes AWOL.
Kyra Matthews-43-Attended the Imperial Academy before Palpatine came to power [in her youth]. Married Derek Marsdon after she graduated from the Imperial Academy. Joined the Alliance as soon as she heard about its existence.
Jordan Nile-40something-Acquired the Aries with the help of Ben Kenobi when she was 18; used to "run errands" for Kenobi or squire him around the galaxy. She took him to Tatooine to drop off baby Luke [nearly 40 years ago, dates don't work.]
Peter Strick-28-mother died at age 8. married at 21, father dies at 23 of heart attack. wife died at Mos Eisley at 25. becomes a detective. watches Luke at Jabba's barge [at the age of 10. dates don't work].
Aarn Titon-40+-Corporate sector Academy 2 yrs, Imp officer academy 6 yrs, Imp Higher officer Academy 3 yrs. fathers enemies from even before.
Ariadne E Meloor-35-Vader left her world [Cleff] garrisoned approximately 10-15 years ago. Nine yrs after Endor Alliance and Empire have a big battle. Empire loses.
Serris just over 100 maybe.
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