Club Officer Reports

This page contains space for the officers of FoE to post reports, announcements, or what ever they think would be good to let the membership of FoE know about their jobs.

Announcement from our BBRPC

Posted to Mail List March 14, 2001

A draft Media West Schedule of FoE events is on the member's only site.


Remember that to access the Members Only site you need to use:

Login:		foe
Password:	LordVader

(the password must be typed just like that with capitol L and V)

Please send me your events for this year if you'd like to have them listed.

Does anyone know what time the Star Awards are scheduled for.

Oh and btw, this schedule is still flexible to a point.  If there are any
conflicts with what's up there now please let me know.

Looking forward to Media!


PS I hope to have registration for characters and rules ready to go this
weekend at the latest.

Announcement from our Secretary, Mandi Hall

I'm going to be leaving for New Zealand at the end of June. Since I have no idea what my computer access will be like, I feel there should be somebody to take over while I'm gone. I'll be here and will continue my secretary duties through Media West 2001, but I'd like somebody to be ready when I leave. If the new club secretary wants to just take over for the year I'm gone, that's fine with me. Or if they want to take over the position permanently, that's fine too. Whatever my replacement (and the club) wants is fine.

Mandi Hall

Posted Online March 20, 2001.

Glactic Council E-Mail List

From our Internet Coordinator

We now have an email list for all of the Galactic Council Members. Simply E-Mail galacticcouncil@deathstar.org

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