An overview of How Forces of the Empire role-plays

Forces of the Empire is an interactive role-play club. We do most of our role play at a distance, as our members are scattered throughout the country (and the world). So how then, you might ask, do you role-play? And a good question it would be too.

A great deal of the role-play that goes on throughout the year occurs by e-mail. Someone will come up with an idea, e-mail it to the others who might be involved, who will respond with what their characters will do in response to the idea, and so on. Sometimes this kind of thing will happen over the phone, though it does get expensive, and more and more role-play is happening over Aol Instant Messenger.

When everyone involved in a scenario has worked out what will happen, one of a number of things could happen: Nothing (everyone involved knows what happened, what more do you need?), it is quite often added in the club timeline, or they may publish an account of what happened in the newsletter, or they might get together and write a story about it that could be published in the club fanzine, e-mail list, newsletter, or simply distributed to those interested.

A copy of stories submitted to the E-Mail list, and sometimes those submitted only to the News Letter, is maintained here on the cantina archives page.

We also do live action role-plays. This may be as simple as getting together for a weekend and role-playing our characters, or as complicated as the Blaster Battle at MediaWest*Con.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when role-playing (rules, if you will):

This isn't really as bad as all the rules make it sound. Once you get into the role-playing you will get a feel for how things work.

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