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Role-Play Etiquette

1. Before making a major plotline public, you should first discuss it with the other people who will be involved. Work out the basic details and framework of why and what.

2. If the plotline will have a major impact upon a division, the division leader must be informed.

3. When running a plotline, every effort must be made to identify ahead of time the characters who will be impacted by the role-play and include them in the chatroom or e-mails. If you have to wait a couple of weeks for a persons response then you need to wait for that person to include them.

Even though we are eager to get our rp's together and going every effort possible needs to be made. There have been many hurt feelings due to individuals being left out or forgotten about.

4. If you have input or questions about a role-play contact the person coordinating that plotline. Allow the person to coordinate and set up their plotline, you may have to wait for that person.

5. Please keep in mind that we all live different lives and can not all be online everyday. Some may only be online once a week or less. These individuals still need to be given the time and opportunity to participate. If you have to wait for the plot then the plot needs to be put on hold to include them.

Though conversely, waiting a week before responsing to a contact about role-play is understandable, but many folks may be frustrated if they go a more than aweek or two without a response. So please consider letting folks know if you are unable to be around for the rp or to work out details. Do not wait to reply to an e-mail, dash off a quick response saying yes no or can't discuss this until real life clears up. Give some indicator to the person coordinating the Role-Play.