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Cantina Rounds

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These are open story writing forums to introduce characters, bring in inactive characters, to generally have fun or get involved.

So...what to do...

Your first post to the round should include:

Who your character is...well ok you don't have to give us a name right off, but it is helpful to know species, sex, physical descrip, little bit about clothing if it adds to the character.

Why the character is there is helpful, relaxing/vacation, working, looking for work, hiding form rebels/imps/crime lord/ring.

So write your first post...use information form the originating e-mail of the round...if there is something not covered in the previous postings, then feel free to make it up, include it, etc...

Keep in mind this is a round robin where each writer is there to advance the plot of the adventure. It is an ongoing story dialogue that is creating the plotline and story on the fly. The storylines are open and given direction by all participating. There is no outline of events or determined outcome.

So..this means you can feel free to have a character come in and try to hire others looking for work and then you can spin off and have an adventure with those characters. Or stick around in the cantina.

However, if there are two conflicting bits of information it is up to the person originating the plotline to resolve the potential conflict.

Keep in mind that the same rules apply to writing as they do to IM's. Do not write your actions as a success. Use suggestive statements, not assumptive, unless you have already rp'd the interaction and are now writing it up.

So instead of saying:

Lyzoun snuck by the man and picked his pocket.


Lyz decided to pick his pocket and quietly crept over to where the man sat stupefied by too much drink. (I get the info for the man's condition from the players previous post)

Do not write another person's actions without their permission. Or don't affect other people's characters without their permission.

It's no fun to have everything resolved in a few short responses, so feel free to start bar fights, or other story elements, but let's try to keep the plot going for all to enjoy and not resolve it in five or six posts.

Also keep in mind that some folks will reply daily, or more frequently, while others may post to the round on a once every other day type basis. We do not use posting order so reply when you are able and as your character can respond.

Have fun and enjoy.